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The 212 Revival

There are times that God will speak through patterns that seem to be strange to the natural mind but he does speak in these ways nevertheless. Recently many in the prophetic movement have been noticing that God is speaking through the number 212. I myself have also experienced this number over and over in the last few months. When I was in Australia I did a TV interview on a show called Firestarters with my fellow prophet Darryl Crawford-Marshall from Adelaide. As we were waiting for Pamela Segneri to interview us, we noticed that the room number of the show was 212. It stood out to us both as significant even though we didn’t have an understanding of what it meant at the time. I kept seeing 212 almost the entire time I was in Australia. Sometimes patterns can be overwhelming especially when you don’t have understanding of what they mean. When this happens to me I just begin to pray and ask God to give me revelation. He is a good father and gives good gifts to his children and one of the best gifts is revelation of his voice. I want to know his heart and hear him clearly so that when he speaks I understand. 212 is a significant number for me also because my house is 212 on the street that I live. The name of my street is Franktown Road and the meaning of the name "Frank" is "free one." When I came back to Canada after 9 weeks in Australia I was invited to speak at a conference in my region called “Igniting Ottawa, Awake the Nation.” The meetings are taking place at 212 Murray Street in the Byward Market at the FIRE OF GOD CHURCH - another example of 212 in an address. The Pastor of this church is a wonderful man named Alex Ozorio who is very hungry for God do great things. Mark Redner, one of the leaders of the Igniting Ottawa meetings and my pastor for the last 12 years, was recently in San Diego, where he went to hear Jerame Nelson and Jeff Jansen preach at the San Diego Fire and Glory Outpouring. My understanding is that during the meeting Jeff asked one of his friends what their hotel room number was and it was 212. Jeff got very excited and began to prophesy about the coming of a great revival like the Latter Rain movement that started in New Battleford, Saskatchewan on February 12 or 212. In that meeting Jeff also prophesied over Mark Redner and Canada declaring that a revival would come to the country and would spread like wild fire. He said that the tails of 300 foxes would be set on fire and that they would run through the wheat fields and fire would spread everywhere they go. Wheat represents the harvest and I declare the harvest will be gathered in this hour. The foxes represent those who will carry the fire into the nation. 212 is also the temperature that water begins to boil underneath the Fahrenheit scale. What is interesting to me is that most of the 212’s that I mention above are associated with heat or fire. The TV show in Australia was called FIRESTARTERS. THE CHURCH in Ottawa where the Igniting Ottawa meetings are taking place is called the FIRE OF GOD church and Jeff Jansen prophesied the burning of the wheat fields at the FIRE AND GLORY outpouring in San Diego and water boils at 212. This is suggesting to me that a mighty fire of God is coming into the church in this hour. In fact two days ago I was taking a nap near a beautiful lake when I had a quick vision. In this vision I was in a waiting room in heaven where everyone was very excited because there was coming a shift in the earth realm. Something was about to happen. I believe that this fire of God that everyone is prophesying is about to overlap the nations of the earth and many are about to be brought into the kingdom. We have to lay down our right to be the center of what God is doing. Many will be used to bring in this harvest. It is the way that it has always been. Matthew 9:38 says, “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field." This should be our prayer and our cry. There is and always will be a need for more laborers in the harvest field. God wants to raise people up in this hour to release his fire in the earth. There will be hundreds that God will use this way. I pray that those of us who have been in ministry for a while will lay down our rights to be the center of what God is doing because God will use whoever he wants anyway. If you stand in the way don't be surprised when he goes around you. Great revival is coming to the nations. Many would like to be the main person in the middle of what God is doing, but he chooses to be the center. He is the only center. He will move in his way and maximize the fruitfulness of everyone. Each one of us that puts his/her hand to the plow will see the coming of the harvest, but we must remain humble because that is the only way we are going to see God do great things. My prayer is that God will move in a mighty way in every town in the earth and that a harvest of souls will be brought in. My prayer is that every minister will be released from the bondage that they are under so that they can walk in a mighty way in this hour to see the gifts and fruit of the spirit released in a powerful way. May the fire of the Holy Spirit begin to fall all around you and may the 212 season begin. Jesus is the Lord of the harvest so as we focus on him alone we will see great things. May his name alone be uplifted and magnified because his is the only name that can save. Blessings to you all.

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