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The Coming of the Fathers of the Faith

I am learning a valuable lesson as my ministry moves forward. The job of the five-fold ministry is more of equipping the saints; rather than to stand at the centre of a large stage and amazing crowds with and ability to walk in the gifts of the spirit. I have noticed that as I have raised others up in my meetings, the miracles that take place are bigger than if I tried to act alone. I have been in ministry for a long time, and one of the things that I have noticed is that ministers often try to “out-anoint” each other. This one boasts about their great healing anointing, and this other one will boast about how accurate prophetically they are, but let me today boast instead about the friends who I have ministered with, over the last couple of months, on two continents. When I was in England recently, I asked a friend to travel with me for ministry. His name is Kevin Dexter. I love this guy. I found myself learning from the way he ministered through healing. Everywhere I went to minister, I had him pray for people for healing. In one location, a man who had a brace on his leg was healed, and walked out of the church with the brace over his shoulder. Kevin also released a word over another person that they would minister in the streets. The very next day, this person, who had not done such a thing before, prayed for someone’s eye and it was healed. We can’t worry about who God wants to use. We have to trust him that he is able to use us, and the people he brings to us as well. If we aren’t concerned about someone else getting the attention, then the things we will see done for the Kingdom will be far greater than if we want the attention and when we act alone. God sees our hearts and he knows our motivations. If we aren’t truly Kingdom people he will know it. I saw another wonderful miracle recently in Louisiana. My friend Mike Barnett was with me. Actually the miracle started in Mississippi. We were ministering at a church in Biloxi. After I preached, I asked Mike to prophesy over some people. He saw one young man and pulled him up to the front of the church. Mike began to declare things over his life. He asked what his name was. The man said, “Jason.” My friend looked at him and said, “Jason, the power of God be on you,” or something to that effect. When he did this, Jason fell to the floor. The guy behind him also fell to the floor ,and a third guy behind them got struck by the Holy Spirit, and started staggering all over the front of the church! It turns out that the three of them were named Jason. This was an amazing miracle! Two days later, I was in Denham Springs sharing this testimony to the body gathered there. I had asked two ladies to stand so I could prophesy. I told the story between the two prophetic words. The lady who was left standing told me that she was shocked about my story of the three Jason’s because her son was also named Jason. None of these miracles would have occurred if I worried about my own reputation. None of these miracles would have occurred if I was not willing to let God use other people over myself. The five-fold ministry is about equipping the saints for service. People who operate in the five-fold ministry must forget about their own reputations. They need to let God use them to raise others up. If I am truly going to multiply the talents that God has given me, I must raise up hundreds of others to serve within the garden. Fathers and mothers birth sons and daughters. Our job as fathers in the faith is to raise up sons that will serve the next generations. My prayer is that I will raise up so many sons that the impact of my ministry will be felt till Jesus returns through them. I had a dream recently that in my lifetime, thirty to thirty-five million souls would come to the Lord. I can’t even imagine how I could do such a thing on my own. It will take thousands to do such a thing. I pray that God will raise these folks up to work alongside me in the garden of the Lord. I pray that they will be birthed supernaturally, and that they will come quickly, so that we can accomplish this great work together. I also pray that they will be people filled with the fruit of the Spirit, and will walk in the power of God. May they see signs and wonders and may they be miracle workers all for the glory of God.

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