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The Breaker Anointing

One of the calls given to today’s revival people is to break open regions for the Glory of the Lord. This is not a new calling. This is an ancient calling. There is a power that follows the preaching of the gospel when people who are led by Jesus enter into places where the gospel needs to be released. Acts 16 records the dream that gave Paul’s call to Macedonia. To be led in such a way is marvellous. This has happened to me, many times. When Paul entered into Philippi he encountered the young girl who prophesied by a foul spirit. After a couple of days, something rose up inside of Paul and he cast out the demon inside of her. This was a power display that had consequences. Although the girl was set free, Paul and Silas ended up in prison because her owners were upset that she could no longer read people's futures. However, while singing and worshipping the Lord in prison, an earthquake occurred; and all the prisoners had opportunity to escape. The Prison keeper was going to kill himself because of what occurred, but Paul called out and told him not to because they were all still in the jail. This man and his household came to Christ. This story reminded me of another one that I recently heard of St. Valentine. This is the saint whose namesake is given to the popular holiday in February. It isn’t certain if the story of Valentine depicts the acts of one or two persons, but the story follows that there was a time that Rome was persecuting Christians and not allowing them to marry. Valentine performed Christian ceremonies regardless of what Rome ordered, but this got him in some trouble. He ended up in prison for this treason to Rome but while in prison received a challenge from the Prison keeper, who had a blind daughter. Valentine was told that if he laid hands on this girl and if she received her sight then he would be set free from his cell, so the saint did as he was told; and when he prayed the young girl’s sight was restored to her. Because he was so thankful, the prison guard released Valentine and forty-four other prisoners. He and his entire household came to Christ. This is what I would call a breaker anointing. God releases miracles through our lives in order to break open regions for the gospel. In my own family, such a breaking occurred in the life of my Grandmother Canning. When she was about 41 years old, she almost died of bowel cancer. She struggled with this disease and the doctors even performed surgeries to try to save her. The story goes that during one of these operations, the cancer had spread so much that the doctor had to cut out most of her intestines. There wasn’t enough left to sew together so that the bowels would operate normally again. As a result, my grandmother was sent home to convalesce. They thought she would die. But my grandmother was a woman of faith. Her father was a missionary that came from England to live on the Northern Peninsula in Newfoundland. There was another missionary up there in those days named Sir Wilfred Grenfeld. The legend goes that Grenfeld took dogsled teams across the fjords so he could minister to the Northern people of Newfoundland’s coastlines. My grandmother was baptized by this missionary. When she was sent home to die, she would listen to Oral Roberts on the radio. One time as she was listening, she heard the Lord’s voice speak to her; and she knew that if she went up to the church in our village she would be healed. My grandfather carried her to the car and got her to the church. When she got prayed for, she knew she was healed. She decided to test whether her bowels were healed, so she went home to where my aunt was preparing a Newfoundland “jigs” dinner. Now for those of you unacquainted with this delicacy, it really is a pot filled with every gassy food you can imagine. There is cabbage and spit pea pudding in that pot, along with salt meat, potatoes, carrots and turnip. When my grandmother told everyone she was going to eat this meal, they became upset with her, but she ate it anyway. The next day her bowels moved normally. After the major surgery, my grandmother lost a lot of weight. She was always a small woman, but some say she went down to about 80 - 85 pounds in weight. After her healing, she gained back her weight. A few months later she went back to the doctor. They say that when the doctor saw my grandmother he fell down into his chair because he thought he was seeing a ghost. My grandmother’s story haunted me when I was running from Jesus. I couldn’t escape it. I knew in my heart the truth of what she went through. I knew she was a woman who told the truth and I knew that God had healed her. My grandmother is still alive, and is now almost 92 years old. She is the only grandparent that I have left alive and she should have died over 50 years ago. God is still speaking through this testimony all these years later. These type of miracles are breaker miracles. They break open families for Christ. Jesus still moves this way today. I have met people with similar testimonies and I have prayed for people who have received miracles such as these, and entire regions have been opened to revival as a result. I pray today that you will receive a new anointing to break open families and towns for Christ. I pray that you will remain faithful to your calling, and that God would give you revelation to enter into your greatest fruitfulness yet. I feel that we are about to see a great revival in North America, and around the world. My prayer is that I will be in the middle of this and be able to see it. I pray for the same blessing to come upon your own life. I pray that God blesses you with stories like my grandmother’s, so that if Christ’s return should be many generations off, then your family will have heard of the moving of the Holy Spirit in this generation and will be found faithful to the Lord in their generations.

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