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Overcoming Demonic Rage

A few nights ago I saw some dark spirits that were coming against the prophetic movement. In a dream I saw a giant owl and a giant dragon floating in the clouds. They looked liked dark storm clouds and their eyes were bright red. I then began to see the behaviour of some people who were being harassed by these spirits. They were falling into anger very easily, but this anger was not righteous because there was a terror that came upon the people who were influenced by it.

I remember I was in a foreign country one time visiting a ministry that had invited me to teach a school of the prophetic. The leader of that group was a very charismatic man. He was a strong leader and had many people working for him.

I was sitting in his office one time when I felt this evil spirit come into the room. It rushed pass my head. I could feel the pressure on my head as it started to come strongly into the room. The minister then began to scream. He began to scream at one of his assistants who had done something wrong with a female donor. I don’t remember the details but I remember the feeling of that spirit in that room.

I left that room and went for a long walk. When I returned the minister told me that his assistant was taking a leave of absence. He told me that he needed time to deal with the burnout that he was experiencing. The devil wants to consume us. He wants to destroy us and our ministries. When we have fear in our lives it becomes an open door that can lead to destruction of many kinds.

That burst of anger by that minister not only resulted in his assistant going on leave but it also resulted in the ending of my association with him. I met him many years later and he no longer had a ministry. He was a broken man who had lost everything important to Him.

In my dream the other night I saw a minister that I know and one of his staff members. The staff member had been responsible for gathering funds for the ministry. It was quite a lot of money. Apparently the assistant decided to spend some of that money in his own way. His boss found out and was so angry a spirit entered into him. He started screaming with a demonic voice and then tore all of his assistant’s clothes off of him. The assistant ran out of the office in terror because of what occurred. All of us who had witnessed this scene were also terrified.

Many of us have heard it said that areas of unhealed trauma in our life can lead to areas of vulnerability where the enemy can ride in and bring destruction in our lives. This I believe to be true. I have had to deal with many such areas in my own life. God has helped me to overcome a great deal. I am certain that I will overcome much more.

When people have vulnerabilities that are rooted in their own fears they can cause pain in many people’s lives when that fear is not dealt with. Like the mother who hurts everyone in her childr’s life because of the fear that the child will be hurt by those people. Like the father who hurts his own children in trying to stop them from doing the destructive things that he once did.

There is an anger that comes upon us in these moments that is so destructive it can only come from the pit of hell. Have you ever felt that destructive rage? Have you ever lost your temper so bad that when you are in the middle of the episode one part of you is talking to the other part of you and wondering why you are acting the way you are. Have you ever in the middle of your temper tantrum wanted to stop being angry but the way back to peace seems impossible.

I have been through this myself. The way out is the finished work of Jesus. It is deliverance. God wants to enter into you like a flood and destroy every stronghold of the enemy in your life. He wants to heal every trauma so that the enemy has no way to affect you emotionally.

I have seen his hand deliver me over and over. I have seen him soothe and calm my spirit many times. He did it for me and he will do it for you.

Jesus introduced His earthly ministry through Isaiah 61. He said, “ The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim the good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners..”

Being trapped in any demonic behaviour is like a prison. It is a limitation. Jesus came to set you free and I declare you are being set free even now in Jesus name.

God is with you. He is your ever present help in time of trouble. Just forgive yourself for your emotional outburst and apologize to those who you have hurt. Determine in your heart you won’t do it again and ask the Holy Spirit to help you into more righteous and Godly responses. He can do that. He will do that.

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