The School of ENOCH: Exploring the UnSeen World 

There’s much to be discovered in the Unseen World


I think most of us can agree that there are unseen forces at work in the Universe that are constantly shaping the thoughts and hearts of the human family around the world. These spiritual entities live and work in the shadows of government and commerce and are globally aimed at bringing humanity under their influence. 


The fallen princes that once stood in the Divine Council of God have always been blinded by power and control. All they wish for is dominance, so they turn nations towards each other and create war upon wars. These rebel Watchers, truly are lost. They want humanity to love and worship them as they do Creator God, but they will never achieve this kind of love or obedience. They are doomed to eternal chains of darkness for their rebellion against God in a cosmic attempt to create their own hybrid offspring and populate their own counter worlds.


These two worlds are constantly at war with each other in one-on-one clashes and territorial battles in the "unseen world". The nations are under siege as angelic tensions rise to its Zenith in the heavenly’s. Creation is pleading for the sons of God to stop the cosmic conflict. From the very beginning the human family has been under attack, but God had a secret plan through Jesus Christ that would catch them all off guard and lead to the restoration of man kind and restore harmony and order back into creation.


Now, the final chapter of these events will be so terrible, so incredible, that the elements will shudder as Watchers, angels and demons wage war in the heavenly realm. Intercession will focus on the arrival and coming forth of a Kingdom family who is filled with the Sound of His roar. This family will have power and authority to manifest Gods Glory in the Earth, breaking the curse over creation and release healing into the nations, causing them to flourish once again in the glorious freedom for which they were created. 

Some would say Jeff, this is too far reaching and are but visions of grandeur! When in reality these scriptural truths are yet to be apprehended and walked out by a Supernatural Church, the “called out ones” or the “ecclesia.” This company of believers will reach far beyond the normative mindsets of the day to demonstrate the miraculous in ways not seen in church history. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate price in blood through Calvary to open the heavens and restore to us the Keys to the Kingdom, and He will reap the reward of His suffering. 

The church is under pressure and is being squeezed to produce the sweet wine of heaven. There are great pressures in the earth and pressure in the heavens. Cosmic violence is spilling out upon the earth. The unseen world is not for the faint of heart but is a violent realm causing even the strongest to tremble. This heavenly fury will be poured out upon an end time Army of God that has been prepared to carry it. And this Army will usher in the prophesied “Billion Soul Harvest” before the second coming of Jesus Christ that will unleash the Spirit of Revival in the nations. 

These saints are eager to know their God and do great exploits. They will blur the lines of the norm to expose mediocrity and reveal spiritual realities known to revivalists, historians and theologians for millennia. If you’re reading this book then its likely you are well on your way to joining the many who are


Exploring The Unseen World.

Sat, May 23
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The School of ENOCH: Exploring the UnSeen World

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