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July 11-12 - Ministering with Pastor Mavis Giant in Saddle Lake at a Tent Meeting

July 13 - Ministering with Pastor Edwin Guinto in Calgary, Alberta

July 14 - I will be in Edmonton, Alberta at The Church in the Vine with Pastor Rodney Fortin - morning and evening service.

July 16 - Ministering in Piapot, Saskatchewan with Gerald and Janice Sanderson

July 17-18 - Ministering in Cranbrook, BC with Dennis Hockley

July 19-21 - I will be doing a conference at Eagle Mountain Church in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Pastor Wayne Nelson is hosting this event

July 26-28 - Ministering at the River of Life Assembly of God in Fulton, NY 815 Oneida Street.

August 4 - Ministering with Pastor Barb Shaw in Timberville, VA morning and evening service

August 6-7 - Ministering with Debbie Franco in Wheeling, West Virginia

August 9 - Ministering at One Body connect group in Erie, PA

August 10 - Ministering at Solomon's Porch in Little Valley, New York

August 12 - Ministering with Chris Martin in Sherman, NY, 118 Miller Street 6pm

August 17-18 - Ministering in Pittsburg, PA with Brian Schmigel at the Open Bible Church McKeesport, 719 Union Ave.

September 3-4 - Ministering with Apostle George Blatz in Steinbach, Manitoba, 227 Main Street 

Sept 6 & 7 - Ministering with Ron and Lorna Silvester at Twin Lakes Ranch in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan​ #1 highway 10 km east of Moose Jaw​​ 

Sept 8 - Ministering with Pastor Ed Fischer at Wheatland Community Church, 46 12th St S, Weyburn, SK, Canada, Saskatchewan

October 4-5 - Ministering with David and Rhonda Ramer at the Glory Fire Church in Lake Mary, Florida


October 6 - Ministering with Richard Vickers at the Bride of Christ Faith Fellowship in Sanford, Florida 7 pm 

Nov 3-7 - Ministering with Pastor David and Petie Newsome at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Temple, Texas, 819 S. 29th

​January 20 to February 7 - Southwest USA tour


February 14-16 - I will be ministering in Saint Georges, Grenada with Pastor Happy Akasie

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