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The Glory Train is no ordinary book. Its anointed revelation will make you hunger and thirst with an even greater yearning for the manifest presence of the Lord! Rejoice! Get excited because right now--today, the Glory Train of the Holy Spirit is visiting many cities and nations around the world, especially pouring out on those who are desperate to see the power of God released on the earth. In fact, I believe readers will be refreshed and infused with new passion, courage, and strength as they catch the vision of heaven! There's no more waiting because the time has come for what we've so long awaited--a time when His glory will fill both heaven and earth, and all men and nations will see and bow before the very King of kings and Lord of lords. We are living in an exciting time, so let The Glory Train rekindle the fire of your faith, as you read incredible testimonies that will bring this move of God to life--in a way that will leave you clamoring for more!

The Glory Train: Glory Revival is Coming to the Nations!

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