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Prophecy of the Coming Candles of Heaven

Recently I was in England ministering at a Methodist Church in Sheffield. The leader of that group has the people soak for an hour to anointed worship before the speaker gets up to share. It had been a while since I had laid down on the floor and waited upon the Lord. At first I didn’t think I would bother but then I thought why not? I found a nice little spot where I could just lie down and wait upon the Lord. I remember years ago spending many hours soaking to the Holy Spirit and to anointed music. The revival that occurred in Toronto under John and Carol Arnott taught us to soak in God’s presence in order to hear his voice. Well I was down on the floor for no longer than a few minutes when suddenly I went into a wonderful trance. I saw myself walking down a road and then I made a turn and what I saw was absolutely amazing. It was evening time and I was making a turn onto a street I had never been down before. The sun was setting and the light was filling up the entire street. The sun radiated off of the buildings up and down that road.​ It was the glory of God. I could sense this incredible spirit of well-being as I made the turn. A new hope rose up in me as I began to walk down that road. In fact, I know that in the vision I had been walking for quite some time before I got to this turn but when I did it was as if my life and energy were renewed. I joyfully stepped into that new road and felt refreshing come strongly into my heart. I do sense that we are entering into a new season starting in this very moment. I believe that many in the body are about to enter into some new thoughts that are going to liberate them to walk in a greater places for the Lord. What I have come to realize recently is that anytime something new begins in our life it begins as a new thought. Our thoughts are the place where God speaks so that liberty will flow into our lives so that we will step into the things that he has in store for us. Nothing that I have done for Chrsit was by accident. Every step that I have taken has started in my mind. Jesus provides direction to those who diligently seek and follow him. When you begin to seek Christ his thoughts begin to flow through your mind. It is one thing to have the thought but it is another to enter into it. Many of the best ideas and thoughts that I have ever written or spoken began as a whisper in my ear. I have often waken with a pen in my hand to jot down the words that have entered into my heart through the night hours like a voice in my ear. He makes us look good as we speak and as we obey his voice. There is a brilliance and a wisdom that only comes from the heart of God. His light within us is his wisdom and this understanding. In fact, all wisdom and understanding come from God. These are a part of the seven spirits of God. When we embrace that wisdom our path is illuminated and we begin to enter into the greater promises for our life. I was in Berlin, Germany recently and had a wonderful encounter with the Lord at a street front church. As I was prophesying over the people I went into a vision and saw the candles of heaven descend upon the people of Berlin. There was such wonder in this encounter. The Lord began to speak to me and say that Germany was about to enter it’s greatest hour for Christ. I saw that new ideas were about to enter into the minds of the next generation of philosophers and theologians that will break the power of darkness that came in the last century. This will be a reformation in thought. These people will be filled with the seven spirits of God and they will be like lighthouses that shine their light so that all that enter into it will be rescued and saved. There will be an unfolding of a new but ancient wisdom from God. It will be new in the sense that those that are of this generation will begin to hear God’s truth spoken to them in a way that they can understand. I felt that Germany was to be a place where the candles burned brightly and where the angelic realm operated in a way that brought great deliverance to the minds of men. I saw that those that will operate in Germany underneath this reformation Spirit will become wise and remembered as reformers in their time. This is the new turn that I believe we are all about to enter into. I fell strongly that there is coming a wave of the Presence to drive out all that is wrong in intellectualism in this hour. The philosophies that have entered into a generation and brought them far from the cross of Christ will be exposed as the heresies they are. Jesus will shine brightly and his wisdom will appear brilliant and simple at the same time. I cannot emphasize enough the well being I felt as I saw these candles being revealed to the hearts of men. I could see the very chains begin to fall as they entered into these new and brilliant thoughts. This path that is opening in this hour is going to be amazing. The light of God revealed to the hearts of men bringing freedom to all who embrace it. I believe that before we enter into the great reformation there has to a shift in the thoughts of mankind. What God revealed in the past revivals was excellent and heavenly, but He wants to reveal more in this hour. Who are the ones that will put themselves to the task to wait and listen to his voice. I sense the young men and women of this generation are about to rise. I was in Howarth, England where a great revival took place under a couple of amazing reformers named John and Charles Wesley. I was told that as John spoke to a church in that town 2000 people were present inside of the church, and then there were 6000 more standing outside, some of them on scaffolding to hear what this amazing preacher had to say. I asked a friend why this revival took place and they said, “John Wesley was not afraid to preach the gospel even if it offended.” In fact, he once said, “Lord set me on fire for the entire world to see.” That is the heart of the reformer. There is fearlessness within them. I pray that you will become like this and that God’s fire will begin to burn in you for the entire world to see.

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