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Preach the Gospel, not Politics

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Staying in the place of listening to God’s voice and not getting caught in the web of deceit that the enemy spins to draw people to his side is so important.  These days there are many in the body of Christ that seem to meditate more on conspiracy theories than they do the Word of God.  This is dangerous because the enemy spins many lies.  The bible says, “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it (Isaiah 8:12).”


Perhaps it is because of the way I was trained in university and in government, but I don’t believe the conspiracy theories that are being purported by many on social media and in the churches.  I have been around long enough to see through the fabric of lies that many put together.  I don’t know what their motivation is in trying to paint dark pictures but I for one don’t want to give any light to what they are saying.  I want to reflect on the light and not the darkness.


As a graduate student and analyst in government we were taught to analyse, to look deep into a matter.  We were told to question and to dissect.  To look at different points of view.  We were told to question the source.   To correlate information from different backgrounds even if we didn’t agree with everyone.  Not many do this well anymore, especially in the media and social media.  The educated class are some of the worse at promoting conspiracy.  It seems that we live in a time when people will say about anything to get more views on their pages.  Fame and money are motivating factors.  People want to protect their castles and their power.  To be honest I understand the temptation. 


I had a dream about five years ago.  In it I saw that the prophetic movement in the Western nations, including Canada and America was going off the rails.  I saw major prophetic voices go from the path that God had for them, and they started teaching things that were not on the heart of God.  It seemed that their desire was to be comfortable.  I don’t want to put a motivation to it, because I am not that smart, but perhaps finances and wanting a big social media audience or maybe wanting to be accepted by other prophets or the body of Christ are some of the reasons.  There is always a temptation to say the things that will draw people to your voice.  It seems that the more outlandish the claim the more likely that you will be heard.


This is not the heart of God.  This is not dying to self.  Dying to self means we should not care about being seen or being heard.  Sometimes we have to dare to be forgotten to stay in the truth of the gospel. 


Many of the conspiracy theories that came forth during the time of the election in 2020 talked about insiders having information that would cause the government to be overturned.  This was not just in America but there were prophets in Canada, plus in Europe, who were talking about how leaders were going to be exposed and arrested.  They told us that these people would not make it through their terms.  The problem with these prophecies is that they did not come to pass or we were told that the dates were confused and new dates were offered to us.  The goal posts moved further and further into the future.  Eventually using this methodology you are likely to get something right, but your authority is waning. 


I interviewed one of these guys who prophesied these kinds of things and soon learned that his home life left nothing for me to desire.  He was even going through bankruptcy.


But some of the people who continue to speak these sorts of things have massive followings now.  They have not been held to account.  People continue to be persuaded and awed by their words.  The prophets continue to expound untruths in the name of the lord.  They are using the name of God in vain for their own advantage.  It is time to repent.


If I live long enough, I know I will have to repent again and again.  I am not just preaching to others but also to myself.  My words have not always proven to be from God.  There are times my motivations have been wrong.  The reason I can write the way I am writing is because I have had to deal with the flaws in my own heart.  I have had to repent publicly for words that were spoken and for bad attitudes and anger.  Repentance was not a bad thing.  It placed me back into the safe place of the Lord.  He is pleased when we turn our hearts back to Him.  It gives us an authority that we wouldn’t have had if we didn’t repent.


As we move into this year of 2024 there are many people prophesying about the coming election in America.  Whether one party or the other comes to power, God is still on the throne.  We are way to tribal in our ways.  We are way to political.  It is time to serve Jesus alone. 


I believe we need to get back to preaching the gospel.  I believe that all have fallen short of the glory of God.  As we preach repentance, we may not gain the massive followings that others have, but perhaps we will gain eternal fruit.  God is good and has a plan to prosper us.  Continue to preach the faith.


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