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The Rise of the River Horses

I am currently on a seven week ministry trip with my family in the USA. My wife and five children are driving with me in our big van. By the time we head back home, we all will have ministered in from about 15 to 20 places. What is amazing is how God provides for us along the way. Strangers are being used by God to help us and provide for our needs. On the first night of the trip, we stayed in New Jersey. As I was resting from our eight hour drive I saw a horse coming up out of a river. I saw the same thing again as we were driving the next day. When I see something like that twice I know that God is trying to show me something. I asked the Lord to confirm to me what he was trying to reveal, and what he was saying. Later, I had another vision of these horses coming up out of the river. I noticed that they had silver plated armour that had been tested in the fire. These are warriors that have been refined by the challenges of their lives. They have faced great battles, and yet it hasn’t led to bitterness. Instead, they have stayed sweet. Their armour had become impenetrable. After seeing these things, I met a young man who is a minister, who has the last name of Riorodan (which actually looks like a contraction of RIVER JORDAN). This young man is an amazing minister of the Lord, and leads people to Christ in the streets. As he prays for them, he sees them healed and delivered. After meeting this young man, I felt I now understood why God was telling me about these River Horses. These are the mighty men and women of God who are about to rise into the new revival that is taking place. These people will be equipped and ready to face the challenges that they will face in ministry. God is raising them up in unique ways. Not all of them will be trained the same way. One will go to a Bible school while others will be mentored by those who are already doing ministry. Some will seem wilder than others, but each will accomplish the purpose that God has ordained for their lives. Jeremiah 4:11 says, Look! He advances like the clouds, his chariots come like a whirlwind, his horses are swifter than eagles. God is about to take the land and the river horses will rise along with the angels of heaven, to be a part of what God is doing. God is going to use his river horses to advance his purposes. I continued to ask the Lord about these horses. He said, they are like war horses that have been tamed by his presence. They are lovers of God and lovers of people. They will be transparent and humble as living epistles (2 Corinthians 3:2). They will imbue the essence of 1 Corinthians 13. They will be compassionate warriors ready to serve God in the way that he determines. Many of them have been on the sidelines up to this point. They have a powerful anointing, but those who are in church leadership have not recognized them for the gifts that they are becoming, or they have been threatened by them. The young man that I met whose name looked like the River Jordan, had hands that were deformed since his birth. Four fingers on each hand were irregularly shaped, and yet he was as sweet inside as the warm spring breeze. Regarding the deformity of his hands he said to me, “God gets the last laugh.” He told me that even though his hands were deformed God was using them for healing. He told me that many had been touched by the power of God through the laying on of his hands. Many of us have deformities in our bodies (and even in our hearts) that in the natural would keep us from accomplishing great things for God. We need to let go of our right to be bitter, and rise up into what God has in store for us. When we let go of anger and unforgiveness, and we allow God to reform our emotions, we become servants that are Christ like in nature. As he transforms us from glory to glory, and as we are washed in the river, we become the essence of Christ to the dying world. The longer you are washed by the river, the sweeter your heart will become. The flavour of heaven will be in you. People will see that you are of the Lord and they will long for the same touch of God in their own lives. You will have the character to carry the anointing that God places there. You will be loving, kind and humble but yet be able to carry great weight; just like one of these river horses. You might be sweet on the inside, but the devil will not want to mess with you because of the power of God that resides in your heart. He may come at you one way but he will flee in seven. I pray for you today. May you encounter the river of the Lord, and be washed on the inside by his sweet presence. May heaven collide into your heart and may you get so lost in the presence that you never find your way out again. That is the way I feel on the inside and I pray you will feel the same.

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