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Edified to Do Anything

I am a man who lives by dreams and visions. God speaks to us this way. Dreams and visions are not something that died with the early church. When Peter stood up to preach, he proclaimed that the body of Christ had been visited by the Holy Spirit; and now the church would become people who would see, and who would prophesy (Acts 2:17-21). I know many people who live in the realm of their own best ideas, and things never seem to pan out for them. Instead of going from glory to glory, and faith to faith, they seem to be going from misery to misery. They are like a bunch of “Eeyores” living in depression, who - when you tell them things are about to get better, and the sun is about to shine, they say, “I HOPE SO BROTHER.” You need to spend a little longer in the bosom of the Lord. You need to be filled with his vision for your life, rather than your own. Proverbs 29:18 says, ““Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Now with that said, I can tell you that there are times that I get a little frightened and need to hear from the Lord; but the good news is, that he is always quick to speak. Recently, I stepped out on one of the biggest steps of faith I have taken so far to date. My family, which includes seven children and my wife, and I need a much bigger house. Two of my children are adults from my first marriage, but five of my children are from the ages of eight down to two. We have two bedrooms in a small house. We outgrew that house long ago. The Lord showed me about nine months ago that it was time to start packing my bags and to believe for a much bigger house; but the house that he wanted me to believe for was much more expensive than I felt I could pay, although I had some extra money that was coming from a government pension and thought I could use it to get this house. The problem is that governments don’t always move in the timeframe that you want them to move. I ended up depositing a large down payment down for my new house and started to renovate my old one, thinking that the money from the government would be there any day. Three months have passed by and I am still waiting. The fear of God hit me. I felt suckered into it. I felt my stomach falling out of my body. That’s a lot of fear. I was in England recently, and I started to have some anxiety about the new house. I felt like I was in a miry pit and that there was no way out. That night I woke up because the bed that I was lying in broke and I ended up on the floor. I tried to fix the bed but it broke again, so I fixed it again only to have it break a third time. Eventually I just put the mattress on the floor. As I was finally settling, I started to worship the Lord and that is when an angel appeared. I heard two things. The first thing was “THERE IS MORE FAVOUR IN THE MUCK THAN YOU THINK.” This shook me. It was exactly what I needed to hear. I knew that God was with me in the middle of this situation. I knew that I was not alone and that he was going to bring me to a new place. Then the angel gave me a scripture. I heard Psalm 44:3: “It was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them victory; it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face, for you loved them.” I knew that God was telling me that it wouldn’t be by my own understanding that my new house would come into my own possession - but that he was giving this to me as a gift because of the favour of God on my life. This word strengthened me. As if that wasn’t enough, the Lord then gave me an encounter with an angel. As I was saying I was in England when this occurred. I was staying with a friend at the time. I went into a trance and saw myself sitting in my friend’s kitchen and an angel came and sat at the table with me. I looked at this fellow who looked to have so much life, vitality and strength and asked him, “What is your name?” His response was marvelous. He said, “My name is EDIFIED TO DO ANYTHING.” It was much more than just a name. His name was an impartation. Excitement filled my chest. I knew that the Lord was saying, “All things are possible to those who believe (Matthew 19:26). I knew that the Lord was saying, “Nothing is impossible for God (Matthew 4:4). I looked up the meaning of the word “EDIFIED.” It means to be built up or established in moral or religious knowledge. In my heart I had been edified by just hearing this angel’s name. I then knew that this house of mine was a done deal. I knew that God would work things through for me. I might not know the details. I might not be able to do this work by own strength, but he was going to strengthen me to establish me in the house that he wanted me to have. I imagine that many of you reading this have gone through similar circumstances. Again, I will say to you that you have to hear God’s voice. Don’t step out into anything unless you do. You must be intimate with God and not depend on your own strength or ideas. But when God begins to move in your life, know for certain that he will accomplish what he said he will do. He wants you to be obedient to his word, and then when you are, you will be blessed. I heard God say to me recently, “I can’t bless your ideas for your life, but I can bless my ideas for your life.” If this is the case, then we need to know his ideas; and this comes through: intimacy, dreams and visions, the still small voice, and through the word of God. I pray for you today. I declare that this is a new hour in your life. You will hear his voice clearly, and you will have the boldness and the confidence to step into the direction that he declares for your life. You will not fear, because God will be with you. You will look at the mountains and see yourself already over them.

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