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Living from a place of the Lord's Rest

There are times that I feel stumped spiritually. There are times that I wrestle with heaviness. In these times, I don’t give up on the Lord, but I look to him. I call out to him; I ask him to bring me to the new place in him that is higher than where I am. Some of you reading this can identify with me. You too have faced great battles in the spirit. There have been trials that have come against you that heavily weigh on you. There are times that you feel alone against the battles of life. There are times that depression tries to call you friend, and loneliness wants to make you its victim. There are times that you wonder if anyone knows who you are, and there are times that you wonder if you have any friends. Prayer becomes the place of our refuge. When we pray to God, asking him to break the yoke of despondency from our lives, he is faithful and good, and does exactly what we ask. I love the passage in Matthew 7:11 which says, “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” The greatest gift that God can give us is peace of mind. It is his very presence inside of us that rescues us from every oppression and depression. God inside of us, is greater than any gift we can receive in our lives. I could have everything a man desires, but if I don’t have peace of mind, I have nothing worth having. Jesus is the peace that stills every storm. I love the mountain tops. I love when I have great moments in his presence. There have been dreams and visions that have brought me to the mountaintops spiritually. Every time I taste of heaven it breaks the yoke in my life, but I don’t always live from the mountaintop. There are times that you and I will live from the place of the valley. It is then that we need to recall all that the Lord has said to us in these times, so we can overcome the world. We don’t always live in ecstasy, although a part of me wishes that we did. We don’t always live from the place of adrenaline. There are times we must just rest and wait upon the Lord so that our strength is renewed like the eagles. If you are like me, the idea of living in rest is not always easy. But it is from this place that we hear the voice of God. His voice is rest. When we hear it, it refreshes us and renews us. It helps us to overcome the world. HIs voice is refreshing. Inside his voice, there is hope for every trial you will face. Don’t give up when you face challenges, but rather seek him in these moments for greater clarity and breakthrough. This really is a promise. The word says, “Seek First the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added on to you (Matt 6:33).” The place of seeking him is really the place of refuge. When we seek him in every trial, we learn to hear his voice in the trial. He then becomes to us the God in the midst of the trial; he reverses every evil that was meant to take us out. In the midst of the storm, we learn that he is the God that helps us to overcome the storm. When we are sick, we learn that he is healer. When we struggle with sadness, we learn that he is joy. When we struggle with fear and anxiety, we learn that he is hope and peace. Recently a woman I know told me a story. She said about six months ago her father died. A week later she met me and I prophesied over her that she would see her dad again in a dream. She was a young woman who lost her dad when he was in his 50’s. He was far too young to die. In the dream, her father came to her and hugged her; and he told her that he was fine. He came from heaven to her to assure her of this. This was a God-ordained moment that brought peace to her. This is the kind of God we serve; who can bring hope even in the face of death. I pray for you today, that God will speak to you afresh. I pray that all hopelessness and fear breaks off of you, because his voice within you becomes stronger. He is with you in whatever you are going through.

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