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The Season of the Double Blessing

Sometimes when the Lord speaks, it can be very loud. He will say the same thing over and over again, and even if you don’t understand what is being said, he doesn’t mind. Recently, I kept seeing 22 everywhere I looked. Every time I checked my cell phone it was either 1:22, 2:22 or 9:22. I would see 22 on licence plates. We parked in section 22 of a parking lot at a mall. And 22 was flashing in a lottery sign. Apparently you could win 22 million this weekend (as I wrote this in mid-June). I was at one church and the pastor was trying to raise money for renovating his church building. He had 200 envelopes on the wall. The number on the envelope was what you were encouraged to sow. He said, “If it is 22 you should sow $22 and if it is $122 then sow $122. So when this starts to happen, I begin to ask God what he is trying to say. I was on Facebook last week and Todd Bentley had a live broadcast that he titled “double double.” In Canada, a double-double is a way to order a coffee. Tim Hortons Café is our national chain of coffee shops. When you drive up to it and ask for a double-double they know exactly what you want. It is a coffee with two creams and two sugars. But Todd said that this was a season of the double blessing. This registered to me, and I felt this was the interpretation of what God was saying to me. I wrote on my Facebook wall that this was the season of double blessing and noted the appearance of 22. A lady wrote me and said “Darren did you know that this is considered a year of Double Jubilee?” I had forgotten this in fact. A Jewish Prophet named Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel prophesied 800 years ago this year that the Turks would gain control of the Middle East and Jerusalem, and that they would assume power in the land of Palestine and Jerusalem for eight Jubilees[i]. Then he said there would be a ninth Jubilee and Israel would become a no man’s land for one Jubilee and then in the tenth Jubilee Israel would enter into the Messianic age. His prediction of the Turk rule of that region was 300 years before the Ottomans entered their rule and it lasted for eight Jubilees (or 400 years) as he predicted. When the British liberated Palestine in 1917, Jerusalem remained in an area that became known as “No-Man’s land.” It wasn’t until the Six Day War (when Israel was attacked by its neighbours) that Israel came into position of the city of Israel (Jerusalem). This just happened to fall on the same Jubilee as predicted by Ben Judah. 2017 represents the second Jubilee from Turk rule. It is now 50 years this year from the time that Jerusalem has been back under Israel’s rule. I am not sure what to expect this year, but for Rabbi Judah this was the beginning of the Messianic age. One way or the other something special is happening starting now. This double Jubilee means a great deal to those that understand Jubilee. Jubilee was the time in Israel when slaves were set free, and all Israel citizens returned to their ancestral lands. It was a time of liberation. So we should expect a new level of liberation in the lives of the people of God this year. There is something doubling in the atmosphere. A “double inheritance” coming. The Lord is going to reveal himself in a new way. I am not sure what this will mean for your life. I would encourage you to seek God and listen to him. Obey his voice when he speaks to you. He is going to lead you into the many promises that he has in store. I believe that many of you will increase in properties, in positions of authority. Some of you will gain new voices in media and social media. Some of you will begin to be fathers and mothers. Others will become respected leaders in the church, in government and in society. God is going to make you the head and not the tail. You are going to be blessed in the country and in the city. Favor will be the mark of your life. This is a new day. Get ready for new things to come. [i] Taken from the Destination Yisra’el website:

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