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Be Ye Baptized in the Holy Spirit

​Lately, I have been seeing the fire of God fall in meetings all across the land. There is a new intensity of the Glory that is being released in this season. There is an incredible expectation that God is about to do something, and that entire regions are about to be shifted into presence. We have to live in the expectation that God can change a nation in a moment. This is the essence of Isaiah 66:8, where Isaiah asks rather rhetorically: “can God not do this?” We have to assume that the answer in scripture is “yes.” God can do whatever he wants, or he wouldn’t be God. He is sovereign in the way that he acts toward mankind. He knows the seasons that he has ordained for man. He knows the beginning from the end. He knows when to apply the pressure to bring man to their knees in repentance and back to him. God’s fire is coming and he will change people in a moment. Acts 2 is a picture of how God can change a nation in a day. By a sovereign move of his spirit, there was an outpouring that affected all of time. People began to wander from that meeting - into the streets where they preached the gospel. Thousands came to Christ as a result. He will do this again. In fact that outpouring is available to you in this very moment. All you have to do is ask Christ to come into your heart and believe that he is there. Then ask the Holy Spirit to fill you completely. Your life will never be the same again. This is what happened to me. I remember he came when I was seeking God with all my heart many years ago. He filled me to overflowing. I didn’t even have the same fears after that experience. They were gone. I remember feeling liberated to do whatever I wanted to do. I started writing and painting like I never did before. Things shifted with the infilling of the Holy Spirit. God wants to do this in your life as well. He wants to break the oppressions and anxieties that hold you to the old nature. Be ready to receive his spirit and when you do, you will never be the same again.

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