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A Case for Miracles

When I began to see miracles, one of the things I really didn’t expect was the negative reaction from the church. I was very excited when miracles started to occur. I would see gemstones, feathers, gold, and oil appear in meetings and in my home. I remember when I started to show other people what God was doing, some of the reactions were frightening. People would literally manifest and get angry when they happened. Psalm 68:13 says, “Though you have slept among the sheepfolds, yet shall you be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold.” To me, this miracle hints at what is occurring when gold dust appears on people’s hands. I have seen this occur thousands of times. The scripture itself is an allegory pointing to the miracle of the transformed life. It could mean many things. It could speak of the refinement of the human character washed in the blood of the lamb. To me this is sensible. All God’s miracles point to something greater than the miracle itself. The miracle is just a reflection of the divine. Jesus’ first miracle (described in John 2:1-11) is an incredible story that fascinates the Christian mind. Why would Jesus perform such a wonder for his first miracle? At first glance, it seems almost reckless for the God man to transform water (which the earth has in abundance) into an intoxicating substance that could harm those who drink it in excess. Isn’t this what this miracle is about? I don’t think so. For me there is a deeper meaning. I believe the water into wine miracle is an allegory of what Christ came to do in the earth. One must consider the different components of the miracle for moment. Why is this Jesus’ first miracle? Why did he use the ceremonial cleansing pots? Why they emphasize on it being the best wine for last? As I began to think about the symbols surrounding the miracle, a deeper revelation began to unfold to me. I began to see something about the mission of Christ in the earth. He came into the earth to transform the lowly nature of man into his higher nature. He came to give us heaven’s character, to change us from the sinner into saint. There is nothing that a man can do to escape sin in his own strength. He needs something outside of himself to come and reprogram him. This is what Christ did on the cross. The jar that Christ used for the miracle was a ceremonial cleansing pot. It could hold up to 400 to 550 bottles of our modern wine. Now multiply that by six and you have potentially enough wine for thousands of people. This was a crazy miracle. F. F. Bruce said, “Christ (is) changing the water of Jewish purification into the wine of the new age.” The cleansing pots were used by the Jews to ceremonially cleanse themselves before a feast. The pots represent humanity in its broken state. The water inside represents the fallen nature of man. When Christ transforms the water into the best wine, a divine transformation is taking place. The fallen earth man is now going to be filled with the love, joy and peace of heaven. Old things are passing away and all things are becoming new (2 Corinthians 5:17). For me, that is what I love about miracles. They always speak about something greater than what is happening, than the miracle itself. They are a testimony of the life of Christ in the earth. They are speaking about his nature, and his power to transform. They testify of his glory and his majesty. They speak about his power above the laws of the earth. He has come to make all things new. He has come to transform and empower. Just like him we also will be (Romans 6:4). Gold dust appearing is a sign. Though we lay down in the sheep pen (which was considered a lowly estate) we shall be covered in silver and gold. Though we were of this world in its fallen humanity (where we see humans destroying other humans out of hate, lust and anger); we shall be like him and love like he loves. We shall be empowered by heaven to safe life and to give life. We shall be filled with the joy of heaven. We shall be covered with the riches that come from above and not below. We will have a new nature refined like silver and gold. You may not understand the miracles of God, but they are his gifts to the world; so before you dismiss them, ask him what he might be saying through them. I have had a lot of people tell me that the miracles I see are of the devil, even when I preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with all my passion and heart. This isn’t the doctrine of demons. Demons don’t point to Jesus and the cross. I pray for you today. May you have child-likeness to receive like a child, but may you have wisdom and discernment to understand what is from above. I pray that you will walk in miracles, and that you will become a worker of miracles. May people be transformed by the power of Christ working through you.

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