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The Rise of the Butterflies and Elephants

The Lord speaks through many things. There are times that he speaks to me through animals. In Christianity we often depict the dove as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. We also depict it as a symbol of peace. It was a dove that came down on Jesus’ head when he was baptized in water in the river Jordan and the father spoke and said, “This is my son in whom I am well pleased.” Whenever I see a dove I think that God wants to fill people fresh with his spirit again.

It was a dove that flew from the ark and brought a small branch back to the Noah. From this they new that the waters were receding from the earth. They spent one year on the ark and must have many times wondered when they would walk on land again. When that dove showed up with that branch such hope must have flooded their hearts. The dove has been a symbol of peace and hope ever since.

I can hear someone asking, “Do you believe there was an actually flood?” Yes, I believe the bible. If the Bible says it, then I believe it. Simple as that. I also believe that marriage is to be between a man and a woman and that God didn’t make a mistake when he created people by a certain gender. He created male and female and he called it good. The confusion wasn’t with God. The confusion is with man. It is time for revival to take place so that the confusion leaves people’s hearts. Identity is not formed in the mind it is formed by the voice of God and there is no confusion in him.

Whenever I see a butterfly I feel encouraged. This is an image that started to come to me right at salvation. I knew that the Lord was using it to talk about a transformed life. For me it was the picture of brilliance of salvation, of overcoming this world and its gravity and the beginning of a new freedom that is only found in Christ.

It was image to me of transcendence. Where this world no longer could hold me down, but I would overcome the world, and not by my own strength, but by the power of Jesus Christ living inside of me. Whenever the Lord showed me a butterfly I felt a freedom rise inside of me. I used to see bright blue butterflies. Blue is the color of the sky. It is the place of ascension. It is the color of revelation. When we rise into the blue we escape the confines of this world. The only way to escape this world is through the revelation that Jesus has for your life. When his identity is formed within you, the confusion of the old life passes away.

Our God’s voice is comforting. Whenever I hear him speak about my life I find strength to face the storms that I face. It isn’t that my identity is perfectly formed within the moment that I come to Christ. He accepts me just as I am. The transformation is a daily thing. We are not being transformed into religious forms, but we are being transformed into the image of Christ. It is as if he comes and lives inside of us. His form assumes our form and he begins to live his life through us. As we lay down our rights to our own identity his identity lefts us from the limitations placed upon us in this world.

I have also been seeing elephants everywhere I go lately. The elephant is one of the biggest creatures. Surely if a group of elephants started to stampede toward a village of people the destruction that could take place would be tremendous, and yet elephants have lived and worked with people since time has begun. Elephants are strong and can carry great loads. Elephants also have a very thick skin. It is rugged and hard.

The ears of the elephant also stand out to me. They are huge. To me this was always prophetic of hearing in the spirit. Their memories are strong, and they don’t forget. They see things from their pass in their minds eye. People that they knew early in their life they don’t forget.

They are big and strong and yet gentle. I remember when I was a boy seeing an elephant at a fair. For better or worse they were letting children ride that elephant. I didn’t have the desire to ride him, but I remember seeing many children on that elephant’s back. A person wouldn’t let such a thing occur unless they believed it was safe. Parents don’t usually throw their kids to wild beast.

For me this is an image of the mighty ones that God is raising up in this hour. They will be big in the spirit able to carry great burdens. They will strong enough to destroy and yet they will be known for their gentleness and love. They might be attacked over and over by those who would oppress them, accuse or who jealous of them, but they will have thick skin. They might hear the words of their oppressors, but it will not penetrate their hearts.

Both the butterfly and the elephant are symbols of maturing Christians. Again, I am not talking about religious folks or church goers. I am talking about the saints that are rising into their destiny. These are the laid down lovers of the Lord. The ones who are rising with healing in their wings. These are the ones that will be like Christ in the earth in his gentleness and his power. They will be seers and people of prayer and they will do great things for the Lord.

I pray for you today. I ask the Lord to strengthen you. Perhaps you don’t feel very mature right now, but I believe because you are reading this and digesting it that you are about to go to a new stage. You are going higher into his presence. I ask the Lord to let his revelation enter into you and to give you a brand-new day in his glory.

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