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Miracle Power Increase in Season Ahead

Nothing is Impossible for God

All morning i have been feeling something in the spirit, so I am going to declare it. I believe we are entering a season of the release of miracles. I feel like many who have been preaching are about to experience an impartation of the gift of miracles. You are about to see things that you have not seen before. God is going to mark your lives and your ministries by signs and wonders.

There are many signs and wonders throughout the bible. The other day I was speaking to someone who doesn’t really know the Lord. They were trying to convince me that there is a better revelation than the revelation that is in the scripture. Their argument was based on some psuedo-science and the fact that the bible was way too old to be relevant for modern man.

I looked right at the man and said, “Have you even read the bible?” He had to admit that he had not read the book. I said to him the stuff that you are saying out loud pales in comparison to the miracles that I have read about in scripture. I told him that he needed to read it before he threw it out with yesterday’s garbage.

The stories that are found in the bible are absolutely amazing. Miracle after miracle is recorded in the pages. The book withstands time because there is a power that is released in the stories. What is impossible in our lives becomes possible, because the impossible became possible for the same kind of people a long time ago.

Hebrews 4:12 says, “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

Just reading the bible changes our lives. There is power in the written word of God that goes beyond well written words upon a page. These words are living and they are spirit. There is a power that comes from them that shifts the imagination. There is hope that arises. There is a faith that is established by the spirit of God using the words. These words are powerful because they were given by God himself. Many today don’t believe this anymore. The miracle of the book is that God wrote it. The reason that it has withstood the test of time is because God ordains it.

In this season as you preach the living word of God miracles, signs and wonders will follow. When I preach I am very aware that God is in the atmosphere following my preaching with miracle power. I am not alone preaching my words. I can be bold like a lion because the atmosphere is charged with the Holy Spirit. He is present and he is allowing a mantle of miracles to come into the atmosphere to change the lives of those that here the words that I preach.

Just last night I was preaching on a Facebook live session. When I went on the air I had no idea the power that would come over me as I began to share, but before you know it I was preaching with authority the living word and lives were being transformed by the power of God.

I have seen miracles in so many places. I can’t even attempt to recall them all. Now and then someone who was in one of my meetings from around the world will come to me and remind me of the great things that God did and I am once again amazed at the power of God.

I love the Lord and I love his miracles. I am convinced that He is real. I can feel Him even now as I speak. He is here in the room with me. The peace that comes from His presence is miracle enough for me.

But over the last 2 months I have seen a lot of money miracles. The Lord showed me that it was a season of supernatural multiplication of finances. I kept seeing that miracle that Elijah did with the woman and her son. The Lord had told Elijah to go to the town where the widow was located. He said that he had prepared her to take care of Him. With that word Elijah was bold and even though the widows circumstances were very difficult he told her to give her last morsel. When she did every need was provided for.

This scripture came to me and I began to use it to raise money for a Camper the Lord had shown me in a dream. There were three or four people who had very little left but when they gave it, then it began to multifply. One person donated $5.00 and within four days she had $8000 and bought her on camper. Another lady from Japan sowed about $18.00. She was believing to come to america for school with her son. Within a few short days she had the money for the tickets and was accepted into the University tuition paid.

Miracles follow the preaching of the gospel. I am declaring that you too will begin to see such miracles. I feel strongly that this is a new season and ministers are arising with a new authority as they preach. I declare this for you and for me.

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