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I remember years ago I use to bus to work. I hated it. I am a very tall guy and big. The seats were so small. I would be so uncomfortable. And the commute was an hour to work and an hour back.

I did that for years and I remember thinking once how nice it would be to be able to drive to work and pay to park in my building. I worked for Government and there was ample parking in the building. It meant about $150 in expenses each month.

It was like a whisper. I heard the Lord say I will pay for that if you want me to. I started to cry. By faith I believed Him and for the next year and a half before I resigned from Government the monthly bill was paid every time. It was more than we could afford in the natural. I learned that God was extravagant and cared for the things that we care about. I love Him because that is the way he is. Very generous and loving.

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