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Thoughts on the Creative Anointing for the Arts

In the season that we are in God is releasing a creative anointing on the body of Christ. I declare that many are about to rise up in the creative arts. Some of you know that God has ordained creativity for your life. You feel like you are an artist or a musician but you have never painting or played music before. I declare that in the season ahead this will change and you will become what you already know you are.

I am a prophetic artist. I started painting a little later in my life. I drew images as a teenagers. I use to like spending hours in my room drawing faces of people I knew, but I stopped creating for 14 years. When I turned 30 I started painting again. I am now 47 years old and have painted over 2000 paintings and this by the grace of God.

The anointing on my life may have always been there even from the youngest years but I had to purposely enter into the expression of my art. It will be the same with you. Very few people are so gifted naturally that they do not have to work at the creativity that is within them.

The bible says that the Lord blesses the work of our hands and so if you are going to accomplish anything in the arts you will have to have an anointing but you will also have to exercise that anointing by starting the creative process.

For me this meant years of studying colour theory and the paintings of people that I admired. I have literally studied thousands of paintings in order to develop the techniques that I now employ. There paintings that inspired me early on that I wanted to paint. Some of them I have now painted but it took me many years to learn how to do.

The exciting part of the process of co-labouring with God is that when you begin to do what He has ordained for you do He will inspire you in the journey. I have had dozens of dreams of art in heaven. Many of these were impartations dreams where my art shifted after I had the dream. The Lord has also showed me in dreams to be faithful with my work because in so doing they will touch people's lives. In this generation and in the generations to come.

My desire is that people will know the one that I love. I want them to know that first and foremost it was because of Jesus that I paint. I want my art to be the expression of His great love to the world. My art will only be effective if people are drawn to heaven and Christ because of it.

I want people to know that Jesus is real. He touched my life and brought me out of a gross darkness. I am no longer bound to the pain that once ruled me, but now His peace in my heart is the expression from which I paint. That peace that comes from heaven is what I want them to have.

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