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It Is Your 358 Season

Everything Is Going To Be Alright. Feeling the breakthrough of the Lord in my heart is the most amazing thing. There are moments when a feeling of peace mixed with bliss enters into my being and I feel like everything is the way that it should be. There are moments when the breakthrough comes and then there are other times that we must contend for our breakthrough. The key is not to dwell too much on the need but continue to focus on the one who brings peace. God is our peace. He is our everything. I don’t usually share what I am going to share with you now because it can seem a little super spiritual, but I have a personal number that the Lord shows me all of the time. It is any variant of 358. It could come as 538, 853 or 358 but when I see it, it is like the Lord is breathing breakthrough over my life. It is as if He is saying “Everything is going to be alright!” You say, “But you are a man of God. You have a big ministry and are influecning people all over the world. Why do you need encouragement.” That may be true but at the end of the day I am just a man seeking comfort from my God and He is my greatest comforter. He brings me peace when I have no peace. Today I feel His freedom in my heart and I know that He loves me. I think that there are times that I still experience trauma from my past. There are times when old mindsets and fears try to haunt me in the present. When these things happen I turn to the Lord for breakthrough, but sometimes between the time I pray and the time of the breakthrough it can be like I am passing through a valley of death. The fear dies at the word of the Lord but the the word of the Lord sometimes takes time to come into my heart. When God says it is going to be alright it brings clarity and peace. There is truth in His voice. I want you to hear this right now. I believe this is a prophetic word for your life. God is saying that you shall be fine. It doesn't matter what you are going through but you shall be fine. Recently I was in the room of a man who was dying. His sister brought me there hoping that he would instantly be healed. I went there to pray for him and could feel that his time to transition into glory was here. This can be awkward, especially when people are wanting someone to be healed. I just sat with the man by his bedside and chatted with him. I just let the peace of God that is in my heart pour out from me and into him. My prayer was different than what my friend wanted me to pray. I prayed that God would set him free so that he could fly with Jesus over the clouds. When I got up and looked at the clock it was 3:58 pm. I knew the Lord was saying that the man was fine and that he would spend eternity with Jesus. When I prayed for him tears came down his eyes. I don’t think he wanted to be healed. I think he was ready to go. I spoke to my friend about it. I told her that God said that everything was fine. She didn’t understand why I didn’t pray for the healing. I felt that his healing was assured in God but that it wouldn’t look like what my friend wanted it to look like. He died shortly after. Everything is going to be alright. God has all of our time in his hands (Psalm 31:15). There is not one moment of our life that He has not considered. There isn’t an obstacle that you will face that He will not bring you through. You may face sickness but He will be there with you. You may feel like you are not going to get through your present storm but Jesus is there in the boat with you. You will overcome because He has overcome. I pray for you today and ask the Lord to strengthen you with His voice. I know that you will be fine. I may never meet you but I know my God. He will bring you rest. He will help you and bless you. You will see Him do great and mighty things you have never known.

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