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I love the word of God and how the Lord speaks to us. In the book of Joel 2 and in the book of Acts 2 it says that the Holy Spirit will be poured out in the last days and the sons and daughters would prophesy. It also says that the young men and the old man would have dreams and visions. I've learned that God speaks even to me in this way.

Last night in a dream I was visiting a woman's house. She had the greatest looking flowers like giant red poppies that she had cultivated. I was impressed with the how large she had grown them, and I was going to ask her how she did it. To me large growth represents fruitfulness in the spirit that people cultivate in their lives. And a red flower symbolizes the person of Jesus and His shed blood. This woman had cultivated Christ and His passion in her life.

I recently had a dream where my family and I were by the river of life, and we were gathering giant grapes. There were so many of them that it would have been difficult for us to get them all. I knew that the Lord was saying that our family would be fruitful in many ways. He was saying that the fruit of the spirit would be inside of us

As I entered the house, I looked and near the front door there were three cats. They were beautiful little kittens. As I watched they went outside. I was concerned when they left the house because I was worried that they would get lost. One of the cats was bluish in colour which I had never seen before. I went out looking for them and I found two of them, but I couldn't find the blue one.

Then the woman was asking me to come back into the house for dinner, so I hurried off to the house. I held one of the cats in my hands and it was a beautiful little cat. Nothing in this dream felt heavy except for not being able to find the blue cat. I asked the lady what the name of the cat that I held in my hands was and she said his name is “Nick.”

The name Nick is interesting because it means “Victory of the people.” In this dream I saw rooms filled with people worshipping the Lord again. I felt like the Lord was saying to get ready for a new season of victory for the people.

But people today are very much limited because of the times that we are living in. COVID has become a great monster that has brought limitations to humankind. We are not able to do the things that we once did and we're seeing the governments of the world limiting our freedom even more.

The blue cat symbolizes vitality and life. When I saw that little cat in the dream, I had such joy and when it went out the door, I wanted to find it to bring it back into the house. This was vitally important to me. The fact that I could not find that cat seems to suggest that there is a lack of vitality and life that I am expericing right now.

This is certainly true in my life. I am so used to being able to travel around the world to preach the gospel which I find incredibly satisfying. Over the last while it has been difficult because even though I want to go to the nations there doesn't seem to be places open for me to go to right now, because Covid has shut everyone down. Therefore, I've been preaching the gospel on the Internet and focusing on writing. But in my heart of hearts, I want it to be 2019 again when I traveled to 14 nations around the world. I feel like I have lost a part of my life that was so wonderful to me.

Maybe you’re like me and you have been going through some trying times and you feel like you've lost something special. I've had friends in the last while that have lost loved ones to this disease while others have struggled through the sickness. Most of us have not been able to do what we want to do. Many of us have not even been able to visit loved ones. I had a granddaughter born that I have not yet seen and she is over one year.

We changed churches recently because our old church found it so hard to meet because of all the COVID rules. So now we go to a new church that while respecting the government have chosen to love people and to meet. It is so important that we meet. Online services don’t cut it forever. We need to be in the same room with each other loving each other. Sickness may happen but we need to be together.

Maybe you're going through something even more difficult. I want you to know that I'm praying for you and that I believe that God is going to bring victory to the people. I held “Nick the cat” in my dream last night and I knew that the Lord was saying ‘my victory is coming.’ When I held that cat in my arms, I had such joy and peace. It was a gift just to hold him. I cannot be victorious on my own strength. I need the Lord

There's absolutely nothing that I can do to overcome this world but in Christ I have overcome this world. We are all waiting for our new day to come. And I declare right now that it has come and that it will come, and that life will be good again. I'm praying for you that you will be strong in these times and that you will radiate the glory of God for all to see. May you be strong and bold, and may you be one who declares freedom to everyone that you meet. Let God arise and our enemies be scattered.


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