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Women are about to Rise in Authority in Ministry

In a number of dreams over the last month I have seen how God wants to use women to bring in the end time harvest of the Lord. In the first dream I saw how God wanted to start a revival in a major city in America, but it was stopped because the leaders of that city could not recognize the package that God wanted to use. In that dream I saw the Holy Spirit begin to rise on a young woman. She was given the mic to begin to speak and prophesy but as she started to manifest under the power of the Holy Spirit the leaders were not comfortable, because they thought she was of the flesh, so they took the mic away from her. She literally ran toward me crying and saying, “You don’t understand they just stopped revival from coming to this great city.” I consoled her and said, “I do understand, this has also happened to me in the past.” I want you to consider this dream for a moment. I wonder how many revivals in the earth have been stopped before they could even happen. How many souls have been lost as a result? When I was young I heard a story in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There was a revival preacher in the early 1900’s that was seeing great results as he preached around Atlantic Canada. As he neared Nova Scotia, the leaders of the church put a stop to him coming in. They were not happy with the message he was preaching and the way he was preaching it. As a result the revival he was a part of didn’t come into that land. The truth is we don’t always like the packages that God wants to use to bring in revival. I know of churches in my own region that would never consider that revival could move anywhere other than inside their doors, but inside their churches the Holy Spirit is not allowed to move. I won’t pretend to understand why they stop God from moving. Perhaps they have been hurt in the past. Perhaps they have seen it all before. Whatever the reason is will not be good enough in the end when they have to give account. And some of the wildest packages that God will use in this hour for revival will be women. General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, is known to have said, "Some of my best men are women!” I remember when I was young hearing his granddaughter speak in Newfoundland, Canada. The church was filled with people wanting to hear this woman’s stories of her grandfather. It was thrilling to hear her. There was a soaring in the spirit that day. In another recent dream I saw 1 Kings 2:19. I want you to consider the picture that is being painted in this passage. Bathsheba approaches her son the king to intercede on behalf of another son. When she comes into the throne room where her son is seated he greets her by standing. He then has a throne brought to her so that she can sit in the presence of the King. This is a picture of the authority this woman had with her son. I feel that this is a picture of what God wants to do with women in this hour. I believe that that women are about to be granted an authority to sit in the presence of the King to intercede on behalf of others, but be careful what you ask for. As you see in this passage Bathsheba didn’t request a thing that was pleasing to the King and as a result something terrible happened. Women who will sit in the presence of the King seeking his voice and pleasure will become like the salt that was thrown into the waters of Jericho. In 2 Kings 2:19-22 Elisha was in Jericho where he was staying after Elijah was brought up into heaven in a chariot. One of the first miracles that he performed was throwing salt from a new bowl into the waters of Jericho which purified them for generations. For me the bowl represents the vessels that God uses to pray and intercede and what is inside of them is the power of the Holy Spirit to change things. This passage in 2 Kings reminds me of the image that is painted in the book of Revelations 5:8 which says, “…the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb. Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God's people.” This is a picture of the power of intercession that I believe is rising in the hearts of women in this hour. God is going to use them to purify the impure waters of towns. Their prayers are going to be so powerful that towns, cities and indeed entire regions will be shifted into purity for generations. God has ordained a season for the church. This is the hour of the Army of God rising. He is going to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things for his glory because he can. This is a picture of warfare in the spirit. I declare that women will even have mighty dreams and visions of the conflict that is taking place. They will see by the Holy Spirit the battle and they will be a part of it, inflicting great devastation and harm on the plans of the enemy in this hour. We must always remember that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the powers, rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms (Ephesians 6:12). Your prayer has the power to shift atmospheres and bring in the glory of God. I declare that you shall be an instrument yielded and wielded in the hands of the King to produce a new sound that will change nations. All this shall be bathed in the love of Jesus. The nurturing hearts of women shall perform miracles, healing and deliverances as they are filled with the love of Christ. They shall prophesy and they shall walk in the gifts of the spirit. They will become the mothers, daughters and sisters that the earth has been groaning for since the beginning of creation. I pray for you today that God would open you up to new levels of glory. I ask the Lord to move you into a greater understanding of his love and his grace. I pray that the revelation of the King will fill your heart so that your prayers will be powerful and effective, and may the blessing of our God overlap and fill you completely.

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