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Prophecy of the Northern First Nations

I was blessed recently to minister to the First Nations people of Alberta. In fact, the team that lead worship at the church I was speaking at were these people. I was amazed at the sound that came from their hearts. I heard their voices but also felt their prayers as they sang. I went into a vision and saw the heaven’s bursting above their heads like the Northern lights as they worshipped their Lord and King. Heaven was dancing to the triumphant sound that was rising from these people’s voices. I saw many coloured lights dancing over their heads. As the team worshipped I could see angels dancing on their lips. The First nations of North America have suffered much. They have high unemployment and many of them struggle with drugs and alcohol. The suicide rate among these people is very high, but I feel in my heart their is coming a renewal among them. While I was among these people I saw a gateway open into the northern tribes. I saw God’s hand begin to move northward through their sounds and I believe there will be a great reaping of the Northern tribes as a result.​ These people were known as gatherers and hunters and they shall become hunters and gathers for the Lord. They will catch t4he big fish of the North who are souls who will lead their people back into the arms of Christ.

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