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In Jesus I Live in The Eternal Now

Psalm 31:15 says, “My times are in your hands.” When I first came back to the Lord at the age of 32 I felt like an old man. I was sad about all the years of service that I felt I had loss during my years as an Atheist. You don’t gain any strength in living in regret. We must find our strength in God’s word alone. When He speaks to our hearts it becomes the fuel to help us to enter into the destiny he has for our lives. I didn’t spend much time worrying about the years I loss because I just began to serve him with the years that I had left. I read a book called “Confessions” by St. Augustine in which he talks about time. For him time was an invention of mankind that was useful in order to understand the span of one’s life – past, present and future. He believed there was no such thing as the past or future but only the moment that we live in. When I read Augustine the idea of eternity in time began to take hold of me. I began understand that the moment that we live in is all we have and that from the moment I was born I was a part of the eternal moment. The only reason we believe there is time is because of our concept of death. Remove death and our concept would change. If our bodies were eternal and we did not suffer pain, sorrow or death our understanding of life would shift. Time would mean very little and this is what happened in Christ. He destroyed death and therefore destroyed time. We are now eternal. As these thoughts began to take a hold of me I began to let go of regret. I realized that God had all my time in his hands and that he was able to make each moment fruitful. He began to lead me from place to place by his voice. There were times that his voice seemed to speak in the future to my very present. It was as if I was surrounded by his voice. I would think something and turn my head and see the very thought I just had on a wall, a sign or in a book. This confused me very much in the beginning but I began to understand that time mattered little now and that death wasn’t even real. Because of what Jesus did on the cross I wouldn’t die at all. This body has a time table but in Christ I didn’t. I would be going from glory to glory for all of eternity. My eternity began in the moment of my salvation. I am now a person of a different realm – an eternal realm. I may still live in both but I am more alive in the other. God is with me and I am with him for now and forevermore. This concept of the ETERNAL NOW became alive within me and I began to let go of time. In fact I would say that because of letting go I have lived much longer than I would by clinging to it. I have experienced more in the last 10 years than I would have in 10 lifetimes. I experience more in one month than others would experience in a year. And this of course is a good thing. God has a way of expanding our minds past time if we let him. We may live in this realm but our experience of it will be greater than the limitations of it because we are not bound to it. We can experience God through dreams and visions. There are times when I have had a dream and in it I can feel hours pass by, and yet, the dream only lasted a few minutes. So in this case time was expanded and retracted in the same moment. I know that this may seem deep but sometimes deepness is the best way to express what God is saying. Describing time is not like describing a flower. A flower might be pretty. It might have white petals and a yellow button in the middle with a green stem. But time can't be described this way. Our experience of time is different. Since Christ came into my heart just 12 years ago life is richer and fuller. I have done more in 12 years than I could have done in an entire lifetime outside of Christ. 2 Peter 3:8 says, “But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. The boundaries of time and fear have been destroyed. My normal life is now a life free from fear. There are things that I could never have accomplished if I remained in fear, but because of the life of Christ I have accomplished many things, therefore time does not have the same constraints as it once did. I pray that God reveals what I am saying to you and that your sense of time will shift. There is no age in Christ because you are eternal. God has great things in store for you no matter where you are on the scale of earthly time. In fact I will say it again, there is no time. It is a creation of man to absorb his experience of decay. Once you remove death you live forevermore and temporal life is really just the beginning of eternal life. I don't believe I will ever die. I am going from life to eternal life. Once my eyes shut on this hour there will be no more hour because I will be free in the eternal moment. I will be truly free.

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