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The Blessing of Travel Ministry

It is good to reflect on the things that God has done in our lives.  Sometimes we need to think about all the good things that He has done.  I am traveling with my friend this week that I have known for 30 years, Daniel Nurse.  We went to Bible School together back in the 1990’s.  We reconnected after 20 years around 2010.  At that time he was pastoring in Montreal, Quebec and I had just started traveling to preach.

Some of you know my story.  Even though I was a pastor when I was young at the age of 23 I became a prodigal and lived a very narcissistic life until I was 32 years old.  At that age I became a wild man of God.  I started to minister almost from the moment I got saved and that is now 20 years ago.  Since that time I have traveled all over the word and met so many different people.  God has truly made my life rich in many ways.

Last night Daniel and I stayed up chatting here in New Orleans.  I told him many stories of the people that I have met through the years and what they meant to me.  I had a friend named Kevin that I used to travel with.  He followed me around the United Kingdom and throughout Australia.  The people that you travel with become your closest friends.  You see each other's good and bad sides.  You have to have a lot of grace when you are together all the time.  Kevin was awesome.  We use to laugh a lot.  We saw a lot of miracles together.  He was very anointed and many healings, signs and wonders took place through his prayers  .  

Unfortunately we were divided in the end.  As I said when you travel together you see the good and the bad and there is a lot of demonic activity that will come against you.  You have to guard your hearts and you have to pray a lot.  When I was younger I had more insecurity and didn’t know how to fight my battles. These days I am a little stronger but I always have to be on my guard.  The enemy would destroy you if He could so you have to stay prayed up.

I only travel with those that I feel safe traveling with now.  There are many that would like to travel with me but I don’t travel with everyone.  John Oscar Ongere is my good friend from Tanzania.  I have traveled with Him three times in Africa to many cities and countries.  We have a close relationship and I have learned the value of this.  John is very anointed and knows a lot of people.  At one time I would have just worked with someone like John once or twice, but now I work with only him in Africa.

I get him to open nations for me.  I trust him.  There are many people I would not trust.  There are some that I would likely trust but don’t have all the time in the world to get to know them.  So because I trust John I will work through him and his associates alone.  We have ministered to thousands together as a result.  My ministry has expanded exponentially throughout Africa and the world because of this close association.  And not just in Africa.  John has connected me to ministers around the world and the ones that he connects me with are highly connected.

I got to know John in 2019.  At that time I had just come back from India and I had a dream and heard that I should go to Africa in February 2020.  John was the only person there that I even thought about going to visit.  Since those days we have labored and even built a couple of churches.  I expect fruitful ministry with him for many years to come.

My favorite people to work with don’t make big demands.  They trust God to open things up and don’t put me in the place of God for them.  I have some people in my life that I find difficult to work with.  There are some that want to do what I do.  When they see me travel somewhere instead of thinking that it was God that set it up they will ask how I did it.  They will even want me to try to set the same thing up for them.  I don’t of course because that is not my job.

When I was younger I felt obligated to help people when they asked me to help them.  Now I tell them to seek God and ask Him what they should do.  If God calls you to the nations He will open the way for you.  He will bring you the right people and the right contacts to open the way for you.  You don’t have to get into works.  The dreams that God puts in your heart are not idle dreams.  They will grow wings and fly.

Recently I had a dream that I was traveling to Australia and an Island near Australia (the island was not named).  I had been to Australia many times years ago but my contacts had grown old.  So to go there I had no idea where to visit.  Around the same time as the dream the Lord brought Bevan Mathews into my life.  Our mutual friend is John Oscar.  About three years ago Bevan had heard of me but we were not friends.  He had a dream that he was going to travel with me in Australia.

Well I had heard from John that Bevan might be interested in helping me to come to New Zealand - an island near Australia, which was similar to my dream.  He not only opened up three churches for me in New Zealand, but was able to help me connect with a half dozen more in Australia.  I will be ministering in 15 places in a four week period almost every day.  When God points out a nation to you the doors will open.  It will be an effective mission.  

We must pray for ‘effective doors.’  Paul wrote in Corinthians 16:8-9, “But I will tarry in Ephesus until Pentecost.  For a great and effective door has opened for me, and there are many adversaries.”  I was always fascinated by this thought and many sermons are preached on waiting for effective doors.  

I have walked through many effective doors.  These usually open when I follow the dreams that God gives to me.  In all nations that God has called me to many churches and gatherings open for me because when God opens doors they are always effective.  This year I believe many doors will open for those that are seeking God for direction.  It is a year of Revelation 3:6-8.  God will open doors that no man can shut.

You may have to wait upon the Lord a little longer but as you do you will learn to hear His voice.  He has plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future.

I am praying for you today asking the Lord to guide you and to open up a good future for you.  I am asking Him to place before you the open and effective doors so that you will be fruitful in the most wonderful ways.


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