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The Hammers of God

As I was ministering my first night in Australia I saw something very interesting. It was as if a whirlwind came toward me and I could see within it many hammers that were coming to help the church. These hammers were the hammers of God.​ Jeremiah 23:29 says, “Is not my word like fire,” declares the Lord, “and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?” When I hear that the hammers are being released I believe that this is about destroying the lies and mindsets that hinder people from entering into the fulness of what God wants to do in their life. A hammer breaks down but also builds up. When the voice of God comes He destroys darkness. When the sounds of heaven enter into the earth realm the earth is transformed by the power of God When the hammer of God came to Ezekiel in the Valley of Dry Bones, the spirit of death was destroyed and the life of God came. When the hammer of God came to Paul on the road to Damascus Paul’s old nature was destroyed and new life began to rise in him in Christ. When the hammers come they break the rocks that try to hinder great destiny in the life of the people. It can be a simple lie like “You will never accomplish any good thing,” but if you believe it will stop you from entering into God’s fulness. If you believe that you will always be poor then this can stop you from entering into the blessings that God has assigned to your life. The hammers of God are a host of angelic voices that come from the throne of God to invade the earth realm. When heaven speaks to earth, the earth is changed. The Kingdom of Heaven begins to manifest in this realm. When the hammers come physicial healing will come. When the hammers come people are delivered from evil. When the hammers come people begin to believe for the impossible. They go on great exploits. They have the strength to climb mountains, swim across great seas. There is nothing that can stop them. When God’s hammer comes and breaks the chains of doubt and oppression the people of God rise up in the valour of the mighty men of old and begin to conquer in the name of Jesus Christ. All victory begins with a word from God. When the fire of the word and the hammer manifests darkness is destroyed in its wake. The enemy starts running because he knows the voice of God and he knows the people who know the voice of God. He will not miss with those that are filled with the word. And so I declare that over your life today that God sis going to fill you up completely with his word and you will become victorious in all your ways. You will also bring victory to many lives in Jesus’s mighty name. This is the good ness. You will not remain bound but victorious because of the work of the cross. So father send your hammer to the people now.

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