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The Australian Revival

I have been in Australia for a couple of weeks now ministering in different towns. I started my trip in Sydney where one of the biggest storms in years took place. Streets were flooded with water and houses were even destroyed along the ocean. We had a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit in the midst of that storm. While in Sydney I saw an image of the coming wildness of the Holy Spirit to this land. I saw the wild goose anointing coming for this land. The Celtics use to describe the Holy Spirit as the Wild Goose (An Geadh-Glas). They said that the dove was a way too tame an image of the Holy Spirit because he was far more loud and untamed. I live in the Northern lands of Canada and the wild geese fly by my house by the thousands each fall. The honking sound that they make is unforgettable. There is no way you can miss them. You can hear them coming from a long way off. The sight is absolutely amazing. The people of God that are about to rise up in the land are going to be wild in their hearts. They will appear upon the scene with the word of the Lord and it will be loud with signs and wonders following. They will be fierce and strong. They will be fearless and they will not be forgotten. I remember reading about St. Xavier - a friend of mine named Ian Johnson from New Zealand wrote a good book about him. I remember one vivid image that was painted about him in that book. Xavier was a fearless man. He had the gift of the martyr upon him. His ambition was to actually suffer martyrdom for the gospel’s sake. As a result of this mindset he did incredible exploits for the Lord. He would travel into lands and preach in a bold way hoping to suffer death for Christ. HIs message was the radical truth of the Kingdom. He preached an unadulterated gospel and as a result many were touched by the power of God. You see there is power in the name of Jesus. When we begin to preach the truth in the face of all the opposition that comes against the message, then the Lord has a way of protecting and even empowering us to preach more boldly. At one point Xavier was in a foreign land when an army started to besiege the town that he was in. The story goes that he grabbed a staff with a cross on the top and went alone into the battle. I have always thought that he was thinking that at last he would be a martyr for the gospel sake. He walked out unto the battlefield and the army that came against him turned and fled. When asked why they said they saw a giant coming toward them with fire in his eyes. I really believe that this anointing is going to come upon the earth again and into the hearts of even the Australians. The wild Aussies are going to rise with fire in their hearts and eyes. Jesus will be their only motivation and they will gather a harvest as a result. Another image I have kept seeing in Australia is a wild fire that burns at the roots of the land. I am told that some of the craziest forest fires are often not seen. Fire will often travel through root systems in forests and will burst here and there, but when you try to find them you, you can’t because the fire is beneath the surface. This is why you will often see fire fighters in the forest with shovels. They will dig down to find the fires. I have had people come to me in Australia saying some thing so violent I have rebuked them right on the spot. Many are convinced in this land that revival has never come to Australia. I have heard people say that “Australia has always missed great revivals and has never had one.” I frankly don’t believe this to be true. In my heart of hearts I see the fire beneath the surface of the people hearts in this land. There are many people right now who don’t go to church but live in their houses and the fire is in their hearts. They may not appear to be like Christians on the outside but in their heart they are guarding the things that they confess. They are careful not to curse Christ or the Holy Spirit. They are just waiting for the church to come on fire so that they can join the ranks of the Lord’s army. Revival is not always like our imagination of it. When we try to make revival look like a certain thing we often miss the new thing that God is doing. We must ask God to give us eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit of God is doing. I was a database analysis for many years in government. I was very good at recognizing patterns within numbers I could see patterns emerge within the numbers that others could not see. When I would report the things I saw people were amazed because they could look at the same thing and not see it. What I am trying to say is that there is a fire burning in the land of Australia that is absolutely amazing. God is burning beneath the surface of many hearts. This land is going to be used by God to make a great difference in the earth. This nation will be remembered as a missionary singing nation. The warriors that are rising will have fire in their eyes and will minister the truth of the gospel in a way that will shift hearts out of complacency and into the light of God. They will be dead onto self and only aware of Jesus Christ. I was in Alice Springs declaring this recently. In the meeting I began to declare the fire of God down on the people’s lives. I began to cry out fire, fire, fire. There was a woman in that meeting who was under the power of witchcraft. She came to the front as I started to preach but she found it hard to stay. She shifted to another seat and then to another. When I started to call the fire down in the meeting she began to run to the back of the room and screamed as she went running out the door. I declare that this is going to happen everywhere the gospel is preached in this land. There is a righteousness that is going to come from the pulpits that is like fire and when it hits the hearts of the people even pastors are going to come forward confessing their darkness because they will not fear. They will feel the love of Jesus and with certainty confess their sins knowing that Jesus is the healer of their hearts. I pray for you today that you too will be swept into this new move of the Holy Spirit. I declare that you will see it, touch it and move within the power of it for the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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