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The Coming Supernatural Shift

Recently I was taking a nap in my van waiting for my youngest children to wake up from their naps when I went into a vision and saw something marvelous. I was in a waiting room in heaven where there were many people and angels present. They were all excited because there was a shift about to come into the earth. I could feel the exuberance in the room and knew in my own heart that I was going to be a part of this shift. There are some of you that are about to shift into new things in your life. God is about to send promotions into the earth. There are some of you that in the last season were without honor and recognition in the earth but in the new season you are about to have ministries that will impact towns, regions and nations. There are some of you that have not owned property in your lifetime. In fact there are some of you that for many generations your family has been under constant poverty. I declare that the next season something is about to shift for you. You are about to possess lands and this will continue into the next generation. There are some of you that are about to shift cities. God is about to bring you to a new city where you are going to prosper in a new way. Some of you will change cities for jobs and promotions while others will birth new ministries. I even see a shift coming in favor for Christians in this hour. There is a new fear of God about to rise up in the land. God is going to make himself real to the nations. He is going to be highlighted in a powerful way by vessels that are ready to be used. These are sons and daughters who have gone through the fires and are now in place where they can carry the presence of God in a very humble way. God is shifting you. I see ladders that you are about to climb into the revelation that you need to enter into the greater season. The excitement in heaven for this season is palpable. The saints are waiting in eager expectation and celebrating what God is doing in the earth in this hour (Hebrews 12:1). I am sensing a shift coming to the hearts of people. People who are bound by fear, anxiety and sadness are about to be filled with a new hope. You are going to be renewed and it will be like the new wine is filling your senses. I see people shifting into the new wine. In one moment people who were doomed to feeling pain the rest of their lives are going to be restored. There is coming a resurrection power to lift people from the dry dead bones of despair into the life of the presence. Just yesterday I saw this in a couple I was praying for. There was such despair over the woman in particular. I saw a deep sadness that came upon her. She also had broken her leg and elbow in an accident. I could see that the enemy brought deep despair to her heart. As I prayed I saw the resurrection power come out of heaven and begin to shift her from one place to the next. I declared that the resurrection power was transforming her and in that moment it began to happen. I declare the same power upon your life today. I declare joy unspeakable and filled with glory is going to fill you. You are going to experience a supernatural shift. Father I thank you for every heart that is reading this now and ask you to touch them with your power. Let them know that you see them and have a great plan for their life. Father I pray that you will set them free and break every chain that is holding them down. Let them know your great love for them today.

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