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The Isaiah 54 Anointing - A Time to Expand

The Isaiah 54 Anointing - A Time to Expand Isaiah 54:2-3 “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes. 3 For you will spread out to the right and to the left; your descendants will dispossess nations and settle in their desolate cities. There are times that God speaks that there is an immediacy to what he is saying. Over the last three weeks I have been hearing God say hundreds of times that we are in an Isaiah 54 season. For me this is about entering into the promises of God by force. People who will listen to what I am saying will be like Joshua and Caleb who entered into the Promise Land and took that which was their inheritance in Christ Jesus our Lord. God has more than you can even imagine for your life. Most people will live in complacency and not accept the greater blessings that God has in store for them. There is a poverty mentality in the church in which the people of God will actually accept less that what God would have for their lives because they think they don’t deserve it. The truth is that God has more for your life than you can imagine in any one moment. There are people reading this post right now that need some new things. There are some people who need cars, houses, boats, and planes for the gospel's sake. I actually believe that we are in a strong window in this moment for obtaining these things for our life. On the Jewish Calendar we are actually in the year 5776. This is the Jewish year of Jubilee. Jubilee was instituted by God as a day when all of Israel were liberated from slavery and debt. Every 50 years God commanded that Israel to return ancestral lands to the people who became poor in the previous 50 years (Leviticus 25:1-4, 8-10). The Jews in Egypt were a people bound by slavery. When they were delivered from that life God made it so that they would never be permanently slaves again. During the 49 years up to the jubilee people may have gone into debt or lost lands because of poverty but when the Jubilee occurred they were set free and their lands were returned to them. This was an inheritance of the Lord. Can you imagine for a moment what it must have been like for those who lived in poverty the day before Jubilee to have their lands returned to them. It was something they would never have accomplished on their own strength but with the strength of God they became free and had their portion of wealth in Israel again. Jubilee occurred on the day of atonement which was the day that the High Priest went into the temple to perform the sacrifice for all of Israel. The priests would shed the blood of one lamb for the nation but he also laid his hands on a second sacrifice and released the sin of Israel onto the head of the scapegoat. This animal was then released into the desert to live freely (Leviticus 16). This is very much symbolizes what Christ did for us on the cross. There is not one of us who is without sin (Romans 3:10). There is not one of us who deserves to be free. The weight of our sin would have destroyed us if it weren’t for Christ sacrifice on the cross. In Christ you and I were meant to live in Jubilee. This is a spiritual principle about being set free from the weight and burden of sin but I believe it is more than this. I believe Jesus intended us to live in wealth in this world. I believe God wants us to possess the lands, to earn a good living and to be free financially so that we are not burdened or a burden to anyone and so that we can bless many. There are so many of you reading this that are struggling with poverty, debt and lack. This is not a blessing. It is a curse and the people in our time are plagued with it. Poverty is a spiritual reality that keeps people captive. It is a mentality that will keep you from entering into the promises of God for your life. Poverty will tell you that you can’t obtain a greater life because you can’t afford it or because you do not deserve it. Debt will lock you into failure for generations to come. Fear of finances will bind you and keep you from accomplishing great things for the Lord. I think naturally I am what you might call a risk taker. In Christ though because of the great way he speaks to my heart I have learned to take great steps of faith. This has resulted in me doing things I never imagined that I would do and obtaining things in life I have always dreamed of. In the last year I have preached in 16 nations around the world and some of them two times. I have driven through the rocky mountains and I have stood beside three of the earth’s major oceans - the atlantic, the pacific and the Indian Ocean. I have been in the Caribbean and I have been to the Mediterranean sea. At the beginning of this year I had so much debt and my car was really old. I needed a new car but in the natural I would have had to wait three more years to get it. Today I have two new cars and one of them is a brand new sports car. I know that many you get upset when we begin to talk about possessing material things, but God is not upset about this. I have learned to give these things away when God tells me to. I have given two vehicles away this year, plus about three months salary. When God says that he is going to expand you, and really this is what Isaiah 54 is about, there is nothing that you have to fear. When the 12 spies went into Canaan land and saw the giants they were terrified. However, God actually would have destroyed those giants if they had stepped into believimg that he could. As a result they spent 40 years in the desert wandering until a generation rose up that could believe that God would help them with their giants. Who are the people in this generation that will believe for more. I intend to be one of those. I grew up in relative poverty for the culture that I live in. As a young man I asked the Lord for wisdom to help me to enter a better life for myself. He has helped me all along the way. Every step that I have taken has been by faith. Everything that I have has come when I have dared to believe that God has more for my life. I got my house this way. I will get my bigger house this way. I got my education this way and my small business and ministry have grown as a result of listening to him. He has more for you than you are even willing to receive. I challenge you today to believe for more. I pray that God gives you the faith to enter into his greatest promises yet. Get ready for your Isaiah 54 season. Get ready for your Jubilee. Get ready to be a sign and a wonder to the nations of the great provision that God provides to his people.

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