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The Angel Storehouse and the Restoration of the SEEING GIFT

Recently I had a dream where I was in a room in heaven. It was more like an encounter than a dream. When I say this, what I am expressing is that there are times that you are in the dream, and you experienced the action as if it was really taking place. When this happens, there are times I wonder if I am actually being transported to the spot of the action. Frankly, there is so much we don’t understand about heaven and our spirit life there. In this dream, I was in a room that had a great door. This room was suspended high up over the top of the clouds. I was actually inside the room looking out. Then I noticed that the room was filled with tens of thousands of angels. They didn’t look like you and me, although they have appeared to me this way in the past. Rather, they looked like circles of light. I wouldn’t call them orbs because they were flatter than that. As I stood there, I saw the interaction that they had with one another. It was magnificent. I could feel the community of angels. I could see them speaking with one another. There was great peace and joy in the atmosphere. I always tell people that you can tell you are having an encounter with heaven by the feeling that you have while you are there. To say that you are in bliss lacks meaning! There is a living joy in heaven. It permeates the entire realm of the Kingdom. There is no sorrow, no anxiety and no fear. Even the strongest person in the earth has experienced all of these things. Some are more susceptible to fear and anxiety. Some have more trauma than others, but every single person has experienced the troubles of this world. In heaven that trouble is completely absent. You just feel this joy that washes over you like water. There are some of you reading this who might think this is too fantastic to be true; while others are feeling the anointing and the witness in your heart to the words that I’ve written. There is a heaven and there is a hell. Only the path toward Christ will result in your eternal salvation. I would ask you to take a moment and to consider this word carefully. Even if you don’t believe me it is still wise to consider my words. God is only a breath away and you can make things right with him simply by saying “COME INTO MY HEART LORD.” As I was watching these angels, one of them leapt out the door and into the earth. Instantly he was in the earth realm where a scene was unfolding. I saw two strangers talking to each other. One was the employee of the other and there was tension between them. The employee spit on a pair of glasses. The glasses were covered in spit. The boss was upset about this. The employee was going to clean the spit off, but you could tell he did this to make his boss mad. I really feel that this dream was about the SEEING GIFT. You and I are to be Seers in the Spirit, according to the word that was preached by Peter in the Book of Acts. Peter declared Joel 2 over the people gathered in Jerusalem. There must have been a great crowd there that day because 3,000 men alone were saved. He told them that the Holy Spirit was being poured out, and that the sons and daughters would prophesy, and people would have dreams and visions. This declaration was the cornerstone of the church, and is meant to apply to every Christian from then to the present. The promise of God is that the church would be a seeing church. Glasses represent the seeing gift and spit represents negative words spoken. The church has spit upon this gift, and some have even declared that dreams and visions are not important, or that seeing by the Holy Spirit is not for today. This is a lie that comes from the devil. One of the great privileges of salvation in Christ is the witness and revelation that comes to our hearts by the Holy Ghost through dreams and visions. You and I were born to see heaven, angels, the streets of gold, the crystal sea and the throne room. The enemy wants to block this. He wants to stop the church from seeing. He sends his messengers of gloom to spit on this gift and unfortunately these are often well meaning Christians who lack discernment. I felt that the angel was released to show me the need for intercessors in the earth around the seeing gift. I felt that we must begin to ask God to open the hearts of God’s people (Christians everywhere) to the supernatural reality that God still speaks this way to his people (today). Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities of this dark world (Eph. 6:12). They try to destroy the seeing gift, but you and I in Christ are seers. I declare today that you will see everything that God wants you to see. I declare that you will not only see but you will prophesy from the place of seeing. Nothing that God shows a person goes against the revelation that comes through the word of God. I know that many feel that instruction through visions and dreams is dangerous but it isn’t. The Holy Spirit is real, he is our helper and he reveals all truth to the servants of God. He reveals the word which is Christ to the people, so that they know who he is, and so that they believe in an eternal God, who has great blessings in store for mankind. My prayer for you today, is that God will open your eyes and ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying. May you have the witness in your heart to know his voice. May you not be troubled by the devil’s voice, and may you have discernment to know the difference between heaven and hell. During the coming great outpouring, dreams will be poured out into the earth. Millions will hear his voice and see the blessings that God has in store for them in this life, and some of more in the life to come.

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