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Three Dreams Regarding Hillary Clinton

I don’t have a political agenda. Who is the ultimate winner of the coming election in the USA only God knows. I am not declaring that Hillary will be the winner but I am going to share with you what I saw in the dreams that I have had. I have heard people declare that Hillary is a devil. I don’t believe this. I have heard others declare that Donald Trump is a devil. I don’t believe that either. I have also heard people declare that Donald recently became a Christian. This seems too politically expedient to be trusted at the moment. In America it makes good political sense to court the vote of Christians. The first dream that I had regarding Hillary started in 2006. In this dream I saw the Prime Minister of Canada and what appeared to be the President of the USA greeting each other with a homosexual kiss. The President was actually Hillary Clinton and the Prime Minister was Stephen Harper. I heard one Canadian say that they don’t believe that Stephen Harper would have supported Homosexual Marriage and rights in Canada but December 2006 Stephen Harper’s government actually and deliberately voted in support of not reopening the issue of Homosexual Marriage in Canada. It was politically expedient not to do so. Mr Harper even became a voice and supporter of Homosexual rights on the international stage later in his Prime Ministership. He and his ministers touted Canada has a haven for refugees who were homosexual. When I had this dream in 2006 neither Stephen Harper or Hillary Clinton had power in their respective countries. Very shortly after Mr. Harper became PM. He served Canada as PM from 2006 to 2015. Those years in power were some of the most difficult for Christian definition of marriage in Canada. When Barack Obama was elected President of the USA it took me by surprise because I had expected Hillary to be President. She did take a very important position in Obama’s government becoming the Secretary of State. During the years that she served in this capacity I often thought that maybe this was the interpretation of the dream. Then as well as now I am not certain that this is the case. Perhaps this is a warning dream about what might occur if Hillary comes to power. I am concerned because I believe that we have only seen the beginning of the degradation of the Christian foundation of our nations. If she comes to power then I foresee it getting unimaginably worse. We need to pray and ask God to protect our Christian faith from the open attack that will come against it if she should assume power. The two other dreams were more recent. Both have occurred in the last few months. In the first of the two I saw Bill and Hillary Clinton come into my house. They were visibly upset because they had been facing great persecution by the media and people in general. Bill particularly was upset stating that they were being unfairly judged by the people. To me this dream is the more sensitive of the three dreams because people do not want to hear that they must respect and honour leaders and not speak against them. I have met people in churches in America who have said that Hillary is the Devil. I have heard them call her Jezebel and many state that she is a homosexual. Now I have no idea of the truth of these statements. I will say that I think if she comes to power that we will be heading away from Christian foundations but we must be careful not to accuse and judge our leaders. We need to pray for them (1 Timothy 2:1-3). Pray that Christians will be allowed to live in peace and have the right to live by their own consciences and ideas. When we attack we join the fight in the flesh realm. The fight is not against flesh and blood. I might be seen as naive here but I see little point in condemning leaders and calling them names. We must respect and honour the position that they have and ask God to touch them. Remember Nebuchanezzer was not a good leader and yet God touched his life and he became a God fearer. Our leaders own words will judge them and condemn them. God will deal with them on his own terms. Until Hillary or Donald or any of our leaders lives this life they are redeemable and we should pray for them as such. We may not agree with them but we need to pray for them rather than condemn them. Moreover a lot of the information that is being spoken against the leaders in this campaign are lies. It is political warfare at its worse. Everyday stuff is being said that has a hint of truth but is dominated by lies. This is the case against Trump but it is also the case against Clinton. As Christians we need to stop coming into agreement with the things that are false that are being said. The last dream I had was a few nights ago. It was the more difficult of the three dreams. This dream started with an assassination. I was in a house where I knew that a killing had taken place of a major political leader. And because of this assassination Hillary Clinton appeared to be victorious. I saw her rise as the leader of the nation. Again I am not stating that she will be president, however I believe there are spirits that have been released in this hour that are acting as assassins and we must pray that this doesn’t lead to the wrong leader entering into office. We must pray and ask God to protect the leaders. In a way I believe we have witnessed the assassination spirit at work in this election. Donald Trump was doing well in the polls about a month ago. It looked like that he was pushing his message and many were being drawn to his campaign When the media released his 2005 recording it was like a bullet was released and death came to the Trump campaign. He is now trailing in the polls considerably and many were calling for him to step aside from seeking office. I know that others are prophesying that Hillary will become President and some are prophesying that Trump will become President. I really don’t know who will be president. What I am releasing here are three dreams that I had which I believe are important to the intercessors of the church. We need to pray for the leaders on both sides. Pray that they are protected and truly receive salvation. Pray for Daniels and Josephs to rise up that can speak to the both of them. Pray that there will be peace in the land for Christians so that they can live fruitful and productive lives without fear of reprisal for holding to the sacred scriptures regarding marriage. Pray for the uncompromised church to stand strong in this great hour of need.

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