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Mantles & Meeting Soldiers in the Rising Army

Damian is a minister in New York State. He was from the Caribbean originally but lived most of his life in Queen’s. He told me his story and it was a wonderful one; how he came out of a life of money and women and now was serving the Lord with many signs and wonders following his ministry. Damian is a prophet and had prophesied a lot over me before we met in person on this day. But now we were sharing the Lord together in communion and the fellowship was sweet. Damian was one of the first to prophesy over me that I would write a book and now I have written – at the time of this writing – seven books. He said to me one of the books will make a big impact in the Kingdom. I am still waiting for that to come to pass, but I know that it will. We had a lovely meal together. Kieffer made the most wonderfully flavoured mac and cheese and chicken meal. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I don’t know why I spoke about it, but I mentioned to Damian that I had my mantel in the car with me. I probably just freaked a few of you out. You see when I came to the Lord he told me that I had a mantel as a prophet, similar to Elijah. Now I realise that this mantel is a spiritual one but in those days I am not sure I realised this. I have this fancy overcoat that I wear to my job in government. When the Lord said I had a mantel I just assumed it was this coat. Damian got all excited about this and asked to see it. I told him that it was out in my van. He said, “let’s go out and see it.” So we got our shoes on and walked out into the parking lot and I pulled out my mantel. Damian grabbed it and put it on. In my heart I was thinking, “Dude, that’s my mantel … what are you doing with it on? It was like he was so hungry for more of God he thought he would put this jacket on take whatever was on it. It was amusing but what happened next was wildly God. As we walked back into the house all of a sudden glory dust burst all over the jacket. There were green, red, yellow, purple and any other number of colors mixed together and there was so much of it. I had never seen this kind of manifestation in my life before. I had only heard about it through the internet. I had seen it on Joshua Mills when he was on a Sid Roth show but that was about it. Here I was, in the middle of something I didn’t look or ask for, and yet it was strangely wonderful. God’s presence came on thick. I never expected such a manifestation to be followed by the most wonderful sense of the presence of God. In the next moment Damian grabbed me by the hand and the miracle dust burst out all over my clothing, but especially my shirt. I had recently bought the shirt that I was wearing when visiting my sister in Virginia. I was shocked as I saw the dust everywhere and all over me. Needless to say, this miracle occurring before me gave Damian great authority to speak into my life. We spent the next 6 or 7 hours just talking about the deep things of the spirit. Damian told me about angels ministering with him and how to see and to hear them. He brought me onto websites that showed angels appearing in meetings. Later I would actually begin to see and hear angels in my own meetings, but on this day it was all brand new to me. Damian showed me a bag in his closet that contained his clothes for dry cleaning. He pulled out garment after garment that was covered in the same gold dust that was on me now. I went into a vision that evening and the Lord showed me this man of God in front of me as he was in the spirit. I saw him sitting on a cloud in the sky that was on fire and everywhere he went, he went with great authority spreading the fire. I didn’t want that evening to end. I felt I had met a great ambassador of the Lord’s army and wanted to get as much from him as I could before I left him again. He spoke deeply into my life and gave me some wonderful music that I listened to over and over again on my ride home. My world was small before I met Damian. I didn’t realise the Kingdom was so diverse and interesting. He was the first of many wonderful people that I began to meet in the Lord’s army. On my drive home I had a much deeper longing for God than I ever had in my life before. I was so hungry for the manifestation of the glory of God. I was a little nervous that I would not see these signs and wonders I had encountered with Damian again, and to be honest some doubt rose inside of me as I considered that short visit with him. Was that really God and if so, would these manifestations ever appear again? When I got home that day my mother was at my house. I started to tell my family about the things that I had witnessed on my journey and as I was telling the story the same dust burst out on my hands again. Then it burst out on my mother’s hands. I remember saying, “Get the boys.” Lydia brought Joseph over to me and when I touched his hands the same dust burst all over him. I felt great relief seeing these signs again so soon. I knew in my heart that I would see this stuff again and again, and truly through the last four years I have seen these things hundreds of times. God is good and is faithful. I don’t seek these signs but I have come to expect them to appear, and when they do appear, I give glory to God and point the signs out to the people I am ministering to. Time and time again I have seen great faith build inside of people as they witness these things. I have seen spirits of unbelief leave and people begin to praise God as these signs begin to manifest. And the greatest thing is the presence of God that comes when such things occur. It is His presence that I long for most and where the signs are, His presence is there as well. We hope you are blessed by Darren's testimony. This is an excerpt of Darren's book The Army Rising, which is available for purchase on Amazon.

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