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Don't Worry about Gold for Ministry

I just left my permanent job with the Government of Canada. This is the second time in my life I left a job that was permanent to follow the Lord into what He had for my life. The first time was 12 years ago. When I left that time I had nothing except a promise from God that he would bless me. I didn’t have a ministry in those days and lived like a pauper but I had the greatest encounters of my life. God provided my needs during that time stretching my faith to believe for great things. That time is the foundation of who I am today. Then 9 years ago the Lord led me back into the government of Canada once again. I needed a good job to take care of my new wife and family. Although I had ministry in my heart I didn’t have an income to take care of my household needs, so for 8 years I worked full time and did ministry in the evenings and on the weekends. I saw revival break out in many places including the offices that I worked in during that season. In order to get to the place where I am today I had to learn to stretch my faith. Leaving my permanent job yesterday was a new step for me, but one that I am comfortable with. You see I have learned to walk in God’s voice and to trust him with the details of my life. As soon as my faith grows it grows again and I have been growing from faith to faith for many years now. Through my life I have learned this - If you can't trust God to supply you the money for gas to go across town for a revival meeting then how do you expect to believe for airline tickets to go around the globe. You have to exercise your faith step by step. I chose many years ago to go where revival was happening in my town. There were times I would get out of my car to fill up the tank and the person filling up next to me offered to pay my gas. If God will do this for me then he will do it for you. He is no respecter of persons, however he does respect faith. The last paragraph is very important to learn. I remember the day the Lord said to me “You will never worry about gas again because I am bringing you many places and I am paying for it.” Now it is one thing to hear that and another to live by it. When gas is cheap it can be easy to live by this word but when it is expensive your faith is challenged. Last year I drove 25,000 km or more for the ministry all through the USA and Canada, and even in Europe. Money for gas has never been a problem. But there was a time in my life that I was afraid to fill my car tank up with gas because it seemed to expensive. I would put $10,00 to $15.00 in at a time because I felt that was all I could afford. This was a lie and I am thankful that I have learned to live past this thought. I have people all the time tell me that they can’t afford to do work for the gospel. This is a lie. The truth is God takes care of the bill every time. You don’t have to worry about money at all. He will bring it to you as long as you live for him. Matthew 10 is my compass for ministry. It says in verse 9 “When you go don’t take any money for your money belt – no gold, silver or copper coins.” I took this literally in my life. There have been times that I have been on planes traveling thousands of miles from home that if the people where I was going didn’t give me anything then I might have been in trouble. All I had was money for ticket, not for food or even a place to stay, but God always provided. In fact there have been times that I have gone to places where I have had no money, and the people have given me no money but money still came to me by another source. I have learned that God is the only source for money. I remember recently God sent me to a country that could not afford to bring me in. By the time I got home I sold three or four paintings through the internet and had a couple of donations so that all of our months bills were paid. The country I went to could not afford to buy my ticket but I went anyway because Matthew 10:9 is firmly in my heart. I don’t worry about gold and as a result I have traveled all over the world. This didn’t start over night. I had to learn to believe for smaller things before greater, but if you will put your hand to God’s plow you will have the same testimony because what he has done for me he will do for you. You don’t have to worry one more day about money because God is the provider and will take care of you completely. Look to him alone. Worship him alone and you will have the same testimony as me.

This diamond appeared in one of my meetings

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