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Your Supernatural Shift is Here

Recently I had a strong word from the Lord as I was driving down a road in Australia. I heard the Lord say strongly in my heart, “IT SWITCHED,” and immediately came the confirmation. The town that we drove through was called Ipswich. My friend who was with me thought I was trying to say the name of the town and corrected me. I said “no, the Lord just told me that “IT HAS SWITCHED.” I didn’t even see the name of the town until after I heard the Lord speak. So something is changing in the spirit over the church in this hour. Things that would have never happened in your life before are about to happen. For instance, I recently had experiences that I have never had in my life before. Two family members came to visit me from my father’s side of the family. That never happened in my life before. I was completely surprised by this. I had always wanted them to visit me but something was blocking it. The Lord changed it in a moment. I declare that this will happen in your lives as well. I declare that things that you always desired but have never happened will begin to happen in your life. I believe that this also has to do with the spirit of lack in the church. I am believing that many are about to experience supernatural Jubilee and those that have been living in poverty, and as slaves to the economy, are about to experience a new increase and abundance in their lives. I am also believing that those who have been dealing with health issues for a long time are about to experience healing. Long term disabilities, hearing problems, disabled limbs, pain in joints and insomnia are about to be healed in people’s lives. God is also about to heal people's emotional issues. A shift is coming in the way that people think and react to difficult emotional situations. God is about to touch people deeply and pull out roots that have been bothering them for all their lives. This includes the nightmares and torment that keep people awake at night. This is the worry that stops you from sleeping. Last night in a dream I was in the kitchen of a person’s house. I believe that the Lord was dealing with my own heart issues, but I also believe that he is speaking to the church in general through my life. I believe that my life is a prophetic word and possibility for other lives. What God is doing in me is a possibility for your life as well. What he speaks to me and heals in me he wants to do in you as well. I honestly deal with anger issues at times. There are times when people are controlling that I react very negatively. When people try to order me around and tell me what to do or when they suggest that I am lazy, when I am not, this can really bother me. I am being honest with you right now and before you get all pious and write to me about what I need to do to have a better heart I want you to instead to focus on your own heart issues. God is wanting to deal with the roots of fear and anxiety in your life so give him permission to do so, as I give him permission to do so in mine. In this dream I saw an angel turn on an exhaust fan in the kitchen. Kitchens in dreams represent the heart and emotional issues. I had been in that kitchen many times but I never noticed that fan before. It was a powerful fan that pulled all the foul odors out of the kitchen. It was a refreshing fan. It even pulled clean air back into the room. I woke and knew that the Lord was speaking to the greater church. He was saying that he is about to do a work in people’s hearts. He knows your heart and he knows how to clean it up. God is about to install some new software into your thinking. He is about to remove some of the old wiring that caused negative thought patterns to flow. You may be wrestling with the same kind of things that I am. Perhaps you get angry with people who are difficult. Inside you don’t choose to get angry but when certain things happen it is like you can’t control yourself. The Lord is saying that he is about to change things in your heart. These triggers are going to be removed and life is about to get easier for you. You are about to be refreshed and become refreshing to many. With this switch and shift you are about to enter into a better life. God’s blessings will flow more easily. I have discovered that every time God heals my heart it makes room for something good from the Lord. When we give him our ashes he always gives us beauty and joy. Isaiah 61;3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified. God always wants to bless. He is the God of all blessing. All good things come from him. He is the source of all that is good and wonderful. As we seek him we shall find him but we must seek him with all of our heart. In the seeking he prunes us so that we might become more fruitful and this fruitfulness is his life and blessing flowing through us. As we become more like him we have the greatest gift of all which is his peace deep within us overflowing, pressed down and pouring out. I declare that this is a brand new day for you. It has switched and your shift is here. Get ready.

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