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A Season of Exponential Growth

This is a season of growth. I had a vision this morning. I saw blockages as gates in people’s live that has been keeping them from entering into the place that God has for them. I saw that just on the other side of the door, there was a lot of growth waiting to take place. It was as if God allowed the door to remain shut until this season, because when it now opens, the growth is going to explode into the new pastures beyond. In fact what I saw was like a beanstalk that exploded with rocket force when the door opened. It was like a dam of water breaking, and the floods of growth exploded into hundreds of acres of land, instantly making those lands that were dry and barren green. I sense that God has been training, pruning and growing people, but in their past season, they didn’t seem to be taking ground. In this new season, that is about to shift. I see people’s ministries and lives exploding. Even business people are about to take new ground for the Lord. I see people with the character that is required to do great things for the Lord. Many people start out in ministry and business, but quickly fall away because they do not have the character to withstand in the long run. When trials come, and when the wind and rains come hard, these people are like the man that built his house on the sand - their house is destroyed (Matthew 7:24-27). I remember years ago, I had a great zeal for the things of the Lord ,but I didn’t have the character to accomplish what was in my heart. I had anointing, but I didn’t have much love. When things would happen, I would lose my temper, or I would do something to sabotage what God was doing in my life. I believe that things are shifting in this season. I believe that the people who are about to rise in ministry, will have zeal and character. They will live according to the gospel, loving one another, lifting others higher than themselves. Many of the ministers in the past season were like the ones that Paul described in Philippians 1:15-17: It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. The latter do so out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defence of the gospel. The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains. These men and women are self-promoters. They are more interested in being seen, than they are in promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ. These people are more interested in being remembered, than they are in Christ being remembered. They want to be the next William Branham, or the next Benny Hinn. They are consumed with their own identity rather than pleasing God. They want people to wash their feet, instead of washing the feet of others. They are subtle about it. They may not even realize that they are doing it, but this is what they are doing. There is no reason why we shouldn’t desire to do great things for the Lord, but we must die to all false ambition. I believe that the Lord has allowed the block to be there in many ministries in order to refine character for the season just ahead. If you want to be remembered more, than to preach the gospel it comes out in everything that you do. As ministers of the gospel, we need to constantly raise others up. We need to lift them into places that they would never be able to get to themselves. We must use the platform that God gives us to help others to get to the same platform. One of the great privileges of my ministry is that I can look and see many young men and women that I have helped to get to the next level in their lives and ministries. This is very rewarding. We must not be into Kingdom building. Some ministers will help you if you join their organization, or if you pay into their ministry. This is also not right in my mind. We must raise others up and plant churches, not expecting anything in return. I have had the privilege of helping to start many ministries. I feel successful when they can do what they do with little help from me. The growth that we are going to see in the next season is going to result in the church exploding in North America. The ambition that we have will only be an ambition to see Christ spread and be glorified in the earth. We will not desire honour for honour’s sake, but we will desire to be honoured, because in so doing the Lord will be honoured. His testimony in our lives will honour him. And because we will have the character, the ground that will be taken for Jesus will be astounding. I remember hearing a story of a man who had been prayed for by AA Allan in Kansas. I have met this man, but I only know him as Brother Manning. He was a church planter. He started over 200 churches. If you met this man, you would not think that he would be the man to do such a thing. This was not because he didn’t have the skill or the wherewithal to do it for he was one of the most humble men I have ever met. It was because he had the character for the assignment. While Brother Manning was building a church in Kansas, he fell off the roof and damaged his back. He couldn’t get out of bed. Apparently AA Allan walked into the room and declared over him that he would be fine. He didn’t get healed right away, but soon after, he was completely fine. This man was the fruit of Allan’s ministry, and was used mightily to start a couple of hundred churches. I expect in the next season, that men and women are to rise in this way. The door is about to open. People of character, willing to be forgotten, are about to rise up. Their only ambition will be Christ. This will be supernatural of course. If you are reading this, and feel like you need God to touch you for this assignment, then call out to him. He will touch your life. You will overcome and you will be used mightily. I declare that every fear and hindrance is as nothing. You will shine brightly for the Lord. You will do great things in the mighty name of Jesus.

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