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A Coming Wave of Courage: Seeing with Heaven's Gaze

I am prophesying today that there is coming: a wave of courage into the church. There are people right now who are about to stand up for Christ like they have not done so before in their lives. I declare that many Davids are about to arise; who will not see the mountains of fear that lay in the valley’s below, but they will see with heaven’s eyes, and begin to declare mountains into the sea. Many people want to think that the weapon that David used during the battle with Goliath was the reason that he won that battle. I don’t believe so. The battle was won because David was courageous. He saw with heaven’s gaze and did not fear the giants in the land. The weapon that he used was a sling and a stone, because this is all he knew how to use. The weapon would have been nothing in his hand - if there was no courage in his heart. The Word from God strengthens people. It gives them courage to face the trials and tribulations that come their way. A friend of mine recently testified about how he had gone through health challenges in the last year. He was diagnosed with cancer and his hip had to be replaced. This was a man who had been healthy all of his life. He had never faced health issues like this before. He told me that when he learned about these things, his mind began to race. He said that he began to plan for the worst, but God had other plans. His heart was strengthened by the peace of God that filled him. He knew that no matter the challenge the peace of God would be in his heart. A person who is courageous does not concern themselves with the mountains that are front of them. They can see past these, into the eyes of the Lord. In his eyes, is every answer that you will ever need to face all the things that you encounter. He will speak to you, and he will tell you that “YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR (Romans 8:37). He will inspire you to believe, in the face of all the opposition that comes your way. Perhaps you are struggling financially, and God is telling you not to worry; but to trust, and step out in new ways in this season. Your financial situation is simply a Goliath. Believe God, and your victory will be secure. You don’t have to worry about tomorrow; because tomorrow will take care of its own problems (Matthew 6:34). God wants you to believe for more, and this takes courage. He wants to grow your faith, but you will have to flex the muscle to achieve the things that he will inspire you to do. A man came to Jesus with a demon-possessed son and said, “But if you can do anything take pity on us, and help us (Matthew 9:22).” Jesus looked at him and said, “”If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for the one who believes.” And then the boys’ father responded to Jesus saying, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” When we lack faith and courage, we must always turn to the Lord. He will strengthen us in the face of our adversity. He will give us hope when there seems to be no hope. If you don’t believe, be transparent with the Lord. Honesty with God is the best way to breakthrough. Perhaps you don’t believe that God can heal you. Then tell him. Perhaps you don’t believe that God can provide for you. Tell him. Tell him when you have fear. Tell him when you are anxious. Tell him when everything inside of you is following fear rather than faith. Your honesty with God will produce the result. I believe that as we become transparent before him, he will give us courage. The disciples in the book of Acts prayed for boldness (Acts 4:23-31), and they received boldness when the Holy Spirit filled them. Their courage came from God. So our eyes need to be above, that’s where our help will come from. Like you, there are times I also lack courage to live the life that God has predestined for me. Yet I will not let my fear stop me from achieving the things that God has for me to do. I always pray that God will break all fear off me, so that I can stand safely even in the places where “Goliath” taunts me. I pray for the courage to speak in the face of the enemy’s plans. Our words from the Lord are like David's stones. They may be light-weight, but when they are inspired by the Holy Spirit, they have the ability to bring the giants down. I have had visions of stadiums that are filled with souls clamouring for God. I have had visions that millions will be gathered into the Kingdom of our Lord. Such a vision will take a people to rise in the face of the Politically Correct philosophy of our time (which represents a different gospel than we proclaim). The Jesus that these people preach I cannot see in the Bible. I declare that you will be filled with fire from on high that will cleanse you from all lies, so that you will stand like the powerful vessel that you are in the Lord. I pray that your life will be shaken by the truth, and that the truth will set you free to become the instrument that God will have you to be. May you become like David, and may you have the courage to face whatever comes your way - and to speak the truth in every moment. May the mountains tumble before you, and may the serpents be cut in two. I declare that it will be so in Jesus’ mighty name.

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