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Prophetic Dreams of New Zealand and Bolivia

On May 23 around 4am in the morning I had two dreams of two different nations. Here is what I saw. New Zealand In a dream I was sitting on a beach in New Zealand. I just arrived in the land and was getting up to speak when the host of the meeting turned on me publicly and began to speak against me. I thought to myself, not again. With that said I began to see a new move of the spirit rising in New Zealand. It was at the grassroots level. The people were embracing the message. The leaders were gone and there was a new beginning. I saw that the gospel was going to spread in a new way in that land. I saw how the prophets would be accepted there again. People began to embrace the message of the gospel.

​Bolivia I was in the streets of what looked like La Paz, Bolivia. I was in a mountainous town that had very steep roads coming into it. I stood on the edge of one of the roads and looked over and the drop was incredible. In this town we preached in the houses. There were people embracing the ministry that we were delivering. I saw children and women touched by the message. There was some persecution in this town but I saw people coming to Christ.

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