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Get Ready for Blessing and Gold, America

​I was recently in Colorado, and saw the most pristine mountains. There was still snow high up in the peaks. There was a late snow this year and although it was late in May there was still much evidence of winter’s grip on the land. This picture sits inside of me as I consider the current political landscape of the United States. Although there was a change of seasons that took place when President Trump came to power, there still seems to be a grip of winter on the land. Although by now, we would expect to see the flowers blooming and the trees budding, the last season is trying to hold on a little longer. In a dream a few nights ago, I saw President Trump. He was next to a person who I would describe as a working class man. This man with the President had not seen wealth in a long time. Suddenly I saw his hand fill up with pieces of gold. Wealth started coming into his life again. The United States is about to see a new boom in its economy, and it will be greater than what we saw during the Obama years. If you remember the dishonor that President Obama showed toward Israel, it is no surprise the people of the USA were struggling the way that they were. The polar was seen recently when President Trump was seen saying a prayer at the Wailing Wall, and meeting and honoring the President of Israel. Something has changed in America. God is going to bless it again. I would never argue that President Trump is a saint. We all know that he isn’t. But it doesn’t take a saint to change a nation. It takes a man who recognizes his weakness and who begins to seek God again. I believe God sees the steps that this president has taken. He sees his heart to honor the people of Israel. He sees Mr. Trumps desire to honor those whom God commands us to bless. On the contrary the years that Obama ran the nation were truly frightening from a Christian’s point of view. When you read a passage like Genesis 12:3 which says, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you," then how Obama reacted to this nation and honored her enemies’ more than her was truly staggering. Mr. Trump has also taken steps to strengthen the rights of ministers and Christians. He recently signed an executive order that allows religious organizations in the United States broader exemptions in political speech. Each step he is taking strengthens the voice of Christians in America; and I feel also in Western nations. Even though we in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom are not represented by this man, we feel strengthened by the steps that he is taking. Although Trump is unrefined in many ways, he has showed that he has a heart to humble himself before God. He is a proud man who often says terrible things but still shows an ability to humble himself before God. He has said a lot of things that have gotten him into trouble and yet he still somehow finds time to pray. The winter snow that still lurks in America, is the unabashed evil of the Politically Correct philosophy of this time. The people who uphold the philosophy of Political Correctness have no real sense of God’s law or his purity. They call good evil and evil good. I actually find it amazing how these people call everything that Christians stand for, evil. I find it strange how they honor sin above God’s purity. It is truly a time when Elijah and Jezebel are at war. The prophets of evil seem to be strong but there is a change coming. God will not allow them to reign forever. He is raising up a standard against apostasy and will be glorified in the USA again. Something is about to shift. The enemy will try to play his hand, but as usual it will be too strong. He will overplay his role and he will come crashing down. Jesus will be honored and the law of sin and death will be exposed for what it is – sin and death. The snows are about to thaw, and Christ is about to be honored again. You will see during the reign of Donald Trump as President the blessing return to the land again. Gold will be found in the lives of the common people – those that work hard for a living. This will be a sign that what Trump did to honor Israel and to strengthen the church was truly divine. He and the people of America will be blessed because he blessed the people that God calls his very own. The snow is melting, and summer is coming; and you know what happens when the waters rush from the mountain top. There is overflow. The lands are nourished by the sweet waters. The Holy Spirit is coming in a new way in this hour. He is going to touch the people again. Those that have been gripped by evil will see his truth and the truth will set them free. They will ride the tides of salvation into the gates everlasting life and blessing.

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