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The New Apostolic Age: Mass Salvations

I had a dream in the last three or four months. In it, I was with my pastor Mark Redner, and we were standing together in heaven. We were standing in a classroom and were with many people. I was very surprised to see Jesse James there since he was an outlaw who killed many people in the old west after the civil war. In front of the room I said, “My pastor and I were in ministry together for 35 years and we saw between 30 and 35 million people come to Christ.” My pastor and I as of this year have been together for 13 years. This dream took place 22 years into the future. As it turns out both the number 35 and 22 are significant prophetically. The Prophet Bob Jones had a vision of Thirty Five Apostles likened unto the Apostle Paul. I thought I would share his vision with you so that you get an understanding of the picture I believe the Holy Spirit is painting in this hour: "The Holy Spirit took me to a place - this time it wasn't the Lord who took me, it was the Holy Spirit. He took me to a place and I saw the Lord, high and lifted up, by some young men and he set upon them the golden ark...and I looked and there were men that had hold of the ark and they had the ark upon their shoulders. And the government will be upon their single shoulders." They will reign and reveal to the world that they truly are the faithful and true leaders and the government that will be upon his single shoulder." Mike Bickle comments, "I think there'll be 35 like unto Paul...There would be 35 whom the Lord would separate in the highest way. The government rests on apostles and prophets.” The Number 35 is linked here to an apostolic age when super apostles, who walk in governmental authority like Paul, will walk the earth again. And in my vision the number 35 was linked to many salvations. I believe that God is in the process of raising up many of these apostles to usher in an incredible harvest of souls in the earth and they will walk in great power and character. To me the question becomes “WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR THESE TO BE LIKE PAUL?” If you consider the Apostle Paul for a moment, he was a man consumed with doing the will of God. He had a revelation of Christ on the road to Damascus that set him apart. After the vision he was like a man possessed with purpose. He walked to the ends of the earth and faced all kinds of hardships and sufferings in order to get the gospel preached in and to many nations. He walked in signs and wonders that changed regions. His name was linked to power evangelism. The demons of hell knew him by name. He saw deliverance, healings and resurrections in the name of Jesus. As a result of his ministry the entire Mediterranean region was touched by Jesus. Churches remain there to this day. Old religions that held people in bondage were dismantled, and Christ began to reign. He walked in the government of the Kingdom with power displays following him like fireworks. We are about to see the release of a new apostolic grace where power follows people consumed by Jesus Christ. They will walk in amazing signs and wonders; and thousands will be saved by Christ through their lives. They will forget the advantages of this world for the advantages of the Kingdom. They will know their savior and share in his sufferings but they will also be marked by his love, his joy and his peace. I also believe that a major part of this apostolic grace is also about the networks that these individuals will develop. Many people will begin to partner with those that are walking in this grace. Many individuals within these networks will begin to operate with the same power and character as they partner with that network. Moreover, according to my dream, the people that will get saved are right now from the most extreme places. God’s power is going to be released upon all flesh. People who are consumed in sinful lifestyles as outlined by scripture and the Ten Commandments, will begin to repent and seek God with all of their hearts. Some of them will become radical servants of the Most High God; leading hundreds and thousands to the Lord themselves. They will be mighty ones for the Lord. Get ready for this new hour to begin. I believe it starts this year and will go for on the next 22. The Lord has been highlighting the number 22 to me. In the dream with my pastor, the action was taking place 22 years in the future. Also everywhere I look this past two months I keep seeing 22. I have seen it so much that you know God saying something. The number 22 was also very significant to Bob Jones. Isaiah 22:22 is about the release of the keys for opening and shutting things on a governmental level in the spirit. Bob Jones saw the 35 Apostles carrying the government on their shoulders. They will have great authority in the spirit realm. The enemy will know them by name. I believe that over the next 22 years, we are going to see the power of the Holy Spirit released in an unprecedented way. There will be great apostolic authority to pull down strongholds over nations because of the supernatural grace that will be released wherever these ones, that God is raising up, will walk. 22 is also the number of the almond blossoms on the Menorah, which is the candlestick that was used to illuminate the Torah scroll in the Tabernacle of meeting. It symbolically represented the divine light illuminating the word of God for men. The menorah is also a depiction of the Holiness of God. The Light moves out from it and touches all that come near it. The divine light enters into the heart of men from the word changing them from the inside out. It is a picture of God’s Holiness. The word is going to go out in power in this new apostolic age. God is going to arrest the hearts of broken humanity. They will be filled with his divine light which will grant them new peace, joy and wisdom for the path that he has set forth for them to walk. We are going to see many touched by the power of God, so get ready for a new sound to be released. This is not a new gospel. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ being released to the masses who have tried everything but God. In this hour, they are going to turn to the gospel of peace and they will be changed from the inside out. As I write this I am declaring it into the earth. Get ready!

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