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The Upstate New York Revival

Recently, the Lord has been speaking to me about a Great Lakes Revival. We heard this when we were recently ministering in Niagara Falls, which was in late March. My friend Ben Johnston, a young prophet from Montreal, saw a a portal between America and Canada in the form of a giant circle. He said he could see revival breaking out in America, and angels were coming over to the Canadian side to release a new measure of righteousness as it has risen in the United States. When he saw this, he began to declare that this was the season of the Great Lakes revival. I have friends in Rochester, New York – Patrick and Susan O’Marra. They have been prophesying for almost twenty years that a great revival was to come to Rochester and upstate New York. I was with them recently and we felt a tremendous anointing as we began to declare the Great Lakes Revival. The Prophet Bob Jones (who is now deceased) once described the coming of the Great Lakes Revival. He called it the four cities revival. He said that God was going to move in Toronto, Rochester, Hamilton and Buffalo. He said that a fire would start in each city, and once each was lit, a new revival would begin to spread to every connecting state nearby. This is the revival that we are believing for , and it is beginning in this hour. My friend Joe Garcia had revival breakout last year in his church in Hamilton, Ontario. Many thousands were touched by the power of God that was released during those days last summer. The revival spread to many places around and was seen all over the world. The Lord is releasing an angel army in this season. They are the reapers that will bring in the harvest in the Great Lakes Region (Revelation 14:15). Recently I was in Texas and had a vision of a General that was releasing the angels into that region for Revival. There has been a revival taking place there for about six weeks. The revival broke out after many prophets began to declare revival in that state. A few years ago, I had a vision of revival breaking out all over North America. I saw a map in front of me. I saw God’s hand touch the different cities and when they did, a fire would start. Then the enemy would come and snuff out the revival. Then God would touch the map again, and another fire would start, and the enemy would come again and snuff it again. This occurred over and over again. Eventually God’s hand began to move really quickly and hundreds of fires were burning. The enemy tried to snuff everyone of them out but eventually he could not keep up with what God was doing and the fire consumed the entire map of North America. We are about to see more fires burn in this season. When I was in the Rochester region, I heard of two revivals that broke out in the last month. They were both in upstate New York. One revival broke out in the Wolcott, NY area when a revivalist from Australia called Glenn Maloney, came preaching. He started in a small church that could fit forty or fifty people. The first night it was packed out. They realised that they would need a bigger place, so they found a local Methodist church that opened its doors to them. The next night there were over 200 people present for the meetings. Many were delivered and healed. This lasted ten days. Around the same time, only an hour and a half away from that location, a revivalist from Hawaii called Rich Vera, held meetings near Rochester, New York. The Holy Spirit began to move powerfully and meetings were extended for some time. There were a couple of hundred present each night in these meetings. God is doing something! He is stirring the waters of revival. I believe this is just the beginning and that you will hear more stirrings taking place over the next little while. People with and without reputation are going to see God move in power as they step into that region by faith. God is going to open the heavens and it will rain supernatural rain. The first night that I was preaching on the last trip to Upstate New York, it rained so hard that we knew that God was saying something through it. Get ready for a new level of glory to be released. I pray that you will join me in declaring a powerful revival in this region. This is the very same region where a couple hundred years ago Charles Finney preached. He saw an amazing revival released – 100,000 alone were saved in Rochester. The revival swept hundreds of thousands into the Kingdom and has become known as the Second Great Awakening when Christian values became American values; when the working man was encouraged to be born again and work hard for his country and family. God is going to do it again. God is going to bring salvation into the earth. He is going to arrest the people and show them how he is a God of blessing. I believe we are going to see more revivals; and my eyes are on Toronto and Buffalo. I would encourage ministers to begin to enter into these cities and preach the Kingdom of God. I encourage you to believe God for great things. Something is happening and those that believe will see great and mighty things. I believe if you are reading this you are a part of what God is doing in this hour. So I pray that fire begins to enter into your life and spreads from place to place.

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