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God in the Desert Places

Micah 7:7 But as for me, I watch in hope for the LORD, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me. I have gone through seasons in my life when it seems like the promotion will never come. I have gone through times when it seems like I have cried out to God and he has not heard my cry. There are times when the desert seems too hot and there is no oasis in sight. There are times when the thing that I hope for seems as distant as the sun, moon and stars. There are times that I have felt I was going to step forward and I actually stepped backward. These times are like misery to my soul. And yet, my hope is in the Lord alone. His word over my life is faithful and true. He does not disappoint, but refreshes me like he promised. Even today I found myself crying out to God asking him when a promise that he made to me would come to pass. I found myself disillusioned by everything in my path. I didn’t want to talk to anyone in case the heaviness that was on my heart would become the heaviness of their hearts. I just wanted to hide and wait for a new day to come. But my hope is in the Lord alone. I can feel his mighty presence and his embrace. He is my mighty tower and refuge. I will wait for God to honor his word in my life. I will wait until the gate to the Promised Land is opened. There is nothing we can do to hurry God’s plan for our lives or to pressure him to move more quickly. As the time passes between when a promise is spoken, and when it is fulfilled, there are valleys so quiet they can seem haunting to the soul. But we must walk through those valleys still. When the fire seems to be consuming us and when we find ourselves crying out to the Lord, just remember his promise for our lives will be fulfilled and the rains will yet fall. It is good to remember the dryness of the desert. It is good to allow the desert to purge us of all that it was meant to purge. We must die to our own way and let God birth his plan in the way he has determined. I have had many words come to pass, but very few were like I imagined. Very few were with the people that I thought I would be with. You see for some things to come to pass you must wait for the circumstances to arise for the destiny to be unleashed. You will cross the Jordan but the Jordan may still be a distance away. Don’t grow impatient with God in the waiting, but learn to wait patiently. Continue to pursue God with abandon. Continue to allow him to heal your brokenness. Call out to him to be used by him. Ask him to fulfill your dreams. Ask him to align you to the people that will help fulfil your destiny. But most of all just call out to him and ask him to show you how real he is. This is an excerpt from Darren’s book Ancient Grace Interior, published by Good News Fellowship Ministries, Macon GA. While 2017 may be a season of increase and blessing, there are still those who are going through a desert season personally. Don’t worry – God is still with you in the waiting. He has you and has not forgotten you. This is a time to lean on him as he teaches you trust. To read your own e-copy, please contact us at Many of Darren’s books (paper copies) are also available on Amazon. Bless you!

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