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The Prodigals shall Return

Many places where I go to minister I encounter people who have loved ones that do not know Jesus. We live in a prodigal generation. We live in a time when the darkness is very dark, when people call evil good and good evil. Modern morality and its definition of sexuality could not be further from what the gospel teaches as purity. We live in a generation when the political powers are trying to condemn through the law the Christian idea of sex and family. As Christians we are taught that sex is a beautiful gift that God gives to one man and one woman in marriage. Sex before marriage is forbidden by scripture, and sex between two women and two men is not allowed. The bible says this and not me. I am only telling you what it says, and I live by the word. My mind is formed by it and I believe it is true. I have lived in the blessing of the word for as long as I have known Christ and the Shalom that is on my life is reason enough for me to continue to live by it. I want his peace and therefore I will obey his word. Many theological minds are trying to reinterpret scripture so that modern man will be able to swallow it. But the gospel is the gospel. The truth is the truth. The simplicity of the bible can be understood by anyone who reads it. To agree with modern man’s idea of morality you have to stop living by the beauty of God’s word. These two cannot be grafted together. There is no common ground. Jesus came into the earth to show the more beautiful way and it will survive even the present onslaught of evil. God is about to show up on the scene and bring many people back to the light of Christ. Immorality and darkness may seem nice for a season but the bitterness and guile that is within them will not be swallowed for long by man. I have seen in the spirit the coming of a great revival. God has skipped generations in the past to bring revival into the land again. My prayer at this point in my life is to just be a Caleb who can see the renewal and reformation of modern man. I so long for prayer to be re-established in the land. I so long to hear our governmental leaders call on the name of Jesus. If they do I will celebrate, but even if they do not I am not concerned because our God will never stop reigning. The earth is the Lord’s whether we believe it or not. Right now, I believe that there are many people like Nicodemus who came to Jesus in the night hours. He was a leader who in his heart knew the truth of Jesus’ walk and life but feared the people in his generation. He came to Christ at night to have an encounter with him. Many in our own generation are like this man. Many even now are in their homes and they are talking to Jesus. They are not persuaded by the Justin Trudeaus or the liberal philosophers that there is reason to move away from the truth of God’s word. They can feel the presence of Christ in the very mention of his name. They are like the Shepherds that were watching their flocks by night, minding their own business. They are about to have encounters with heaven and in the encounter, they are about to be persuaded by God that the truth of the gospel is the only truth. Our generation is a generation who in their thoughts are much like Pontius Pilot who when Jesus asked him about truth answered and said, “What is truth!” Jesus is the only truth. He is the only way. Those who walk the path know this about Christ. They have heard his voice and there is no returning to the life they once had. God has convinced them, and they do not care if the whole world believes differently. They will continue. I grew up in a Christian home and had many family members who grew up the same way who are now living by the beliefs of this fallen generation. I grew up in a generation when if people talked about their religion what they meant was they were either Protestant or Catholic. They were Christians by many stripes but not many argued about the truth of scripture. They knew what sin was and tried to live good lives. They failed in their attempt but understood the failure was in them and not the system that they were living by. God is going to burn again, and reformation is coming. These prodigals are about to experience his conviction, his goodness and his love. They are about to walk in great blessing. They may be getting food from the pig pen today but tomorrow their father in heaven is going to put a glorious gown upon their shoulders, a lustrous ring upon their hand and will hold a feast in their honor. The Prodigals are coming home.

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