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I just had a vision of hell

I recently had a vision of hell. Other Christians have been given this experience, and when they have it, they are given a fresh sense of urgency to tell people about the gift of salvation. Others have said that they don’t believe in hell – but I assure you that it is real. I have seen it three or four times in visions. I will do my best to share this experience. When the dream began, I stood underneath a big rig. I don’t know what its purpose was in this place, but the rig looked to be about the size of a giant crane. We prepared it for service by securing it in place. While I was there, I noticed an eerie tunnel off to the left. There was a noise of what sounded like a thousand voices singing coming from the tunnel. This song was not a pleasant sound; yet it was very melodic. It sounded like a mournful song sung in harmony. This song was the soundtrack to the entire time I saw hell. As I walked inside, I noticed an elaborate tunnel system, so I kept walking. There were tunnels in tunnels. There were so many tunnels that as soon as you walked through the entrance, you felt completely lost. There was no way to get out. I looked to my side and there were 15 or 20 tunnels one way, and to the other side 25 to 30 more. I chose a tunnel straight ahead, but when I went into it, there were hundreds of more tunnels each looking the same; and each haunted with the sound of the same music. These tunnels looked like sandstone tunnels and they were lit by fire. The air was very parched. It was like a desert, but only much hotter. The tunnels were all illuminated in the same orange light and those voices kept on singing. Before you know it, I was so deep into hell that I knew there was no way out; but then I looked back towards where I came from, and there was an angel following me. He was there to get me out. He was only as tall as a man and was dressed in a very modern suit with long blond hair that reached just below his shoulders. He had a sparkling complexion and seemed very content and happy. He didn’t look like a physically strong man, but he was very strong emotionally. Even though he was in this place, he knew that he was there on a mission, and was not going to stay. He looked at the beings that were in this place as the miserable ones they were. He offered no pity and left them in the condition that he found them. When I saw this angel, I suddenly became aware of the other beings that were in the tunnels. These, unlike my heavenly friend, were miserable wretches. I don’t understand how this occurred, but two of them stood in front of me with a shopping cart; and in it, there were items that they had stolen from me. Don’t ask me to explain how they did this, because I don’t know, but the angel that was with me understood implicitly that these items belonged to me and he was there to get them back. The hellish being stood in front of me, and the same ghostly tune was coming from his heart. This tune was coming from every being that I saw; and although their mouths were not singing, the song was coming from inside of them. It is the sound that a being makes when it realises that it is trapped eternally, with no hope of a new tomorrow. It is the song that is sung when you have to fight for water and can no longer enjoy your bread. One of the beings moved as if to hide something in that cart. The angel glanced knowingly, as if he could see the item that was being hidden, and he reached in to get it. The being was holding my bottle of Canadian maple syrup. I knew it was mine as soon as I saw it. The angel was there to retrieve me and my things. I was thirsty, and so I grabbed the bottle of water that I had, and drank some. The being in front of me was also longing for a drink, so I thought I would give him some. When I went to offer him the water, it exploded in the air and disappeared. He didn’t even get to enjoy one drop. Then the angel grabbed me by the arm and began to lead me out. I believe the angel that I encountered was one of the angels that was sent to lead Lot and his family out of Sodom and Gomorrah. My angel was as unflinching in the face of evil as were the angels described in that account. As we were walking out of the tunnels, I looked back and saw a group of twelve to fifteen of those beings gathered around. They were about to roast something for food. It was the top half of a man. All his hair was gone and his eye balls were missing. They had his body attached to wood and were about to lay him in that same fire. This was going to be their portion for supper. There was nothing else to eat in this place. Everything that God had provided for food on earth was gone and now these beings were resorting to eating themselves. As I continued to follow the angel, I was thankful that I was not going to be staying in this place. I could hear that song louder than ever. It was coming from the corruption in each of these being’s hearts. And that is when the dream ended. Friends, be aware that there are people around us who don’t know the love of the Lord. They don’t know the hope and peace that Jesus brings, and the salvation that sets us free from entering eternity in hell. Please, let’s pray for them. Please seek the Lord how he may use you in a divine appointment to reach them. Lord, give us a heart after the lost, and to fill us with your love to spill out to them. We also pray for all who have been oppressed by the enemy; and where what they need has been stolen from them. We decree that restoration will come as we seek you. Thank you for restoration of the prodigals to you, for restoration of the promises you’ve given us, and we proclaim that you are Lord.

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