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Supernatural Provision is Coming Your Way

Things are changing very rapidly in this season, so much so I feel like I am in the season of the whirlwind. I feel like this is a key season for the body of Christ. The changes that are taking place are for Kingdom advancement.

Ministers and business people who listen to God is this season are about to take incredible advancements. Your steps of faith will be like stepping on the water of the impossible, but as you step God will not allow your feet to slip. You advancement will be rapid and it will be extremely noticeable.

This happened to me recently. I had been having numerous dreams of increase in resources for our ministry, but in the natural it was just not happening. This started around the beginning of the new year. I even had a person promise to donate a significant amount of money into our ministry starting in the new year but every time I asked them when it was coming they would apologize and say “One more week.” Well that started 35 weeks ago and we are still waiting. Sometimes when God intends to bless you distractions will com along and they can either throw you off track or you just keep pressing into God believing that what he said will come to pass.

But when God promises something He doesn’t lie (numbers 23:19). What he says will come to pass. You may feel like you are in a season of delay but that delay will end. You cannot imagine how God will provide so do not try. Just believe that he spoke and that it will happen.

The Lord often gives you a strategy for change and as you enter into it, it may not seem like it will produce the result that you are looking for but it will.

On July 6 which was just one month ago I had a dream which became a strategy for increase. My wife and I and five children were traveling across Canada in our old van on a missions trip. The trip was 6.5 weeks long. July 6 marked the beginning of week four for our trip. That night the Lord gave me a dream and I saw myself driving Recreational Vehicle (RV). it was a big one. Because of the way the dream took place I woke up knowing that God wanted me to have this vehicle.

I didn’t know how to think about the dream. I wasn’t sure I wanted an RV. Lydia and I have been traveling for many years using the van and staying in people’s houses and at hotels. God has always provided for our journeys and we have done a lot of them. He always takes care of the expenses for our trips and we come home with enough to pay the bills and take care of the family. God is a good God and when you step into his will he blesses you abundantly.

I told Lydia about the dream. That night I was preaching in Calgary. Just before I got up to preach I put a status update on Facebook. I told the people that i felt like God was trying to increase my faith to believe for an RV for the family for ministry. I didn’t intend to start raising money with that update but that is what started to happen. A lady from Dallas, Texas saw that update and wrote me. She said that she needed breakthrough and believed that she needed to sow a seed into the vision. Without asking she sent me $100.00 USD.

I was a bit overwhelmed because I needed to raise between $30,000 and $40,000 for this vehicle. In fact the vehicle I ended up getting costed me $43000 with taxes and registration.

I had $100 and needed so much more. I decided to try to raise the money, not believing that I would but I decided to try anyway. Within 24 hours we raised $7500 and it just snowballed from there. From the time I started raising money to the moment we had the vehicle was 12 days. We bought the vehicle in Manitoba and drove it home to Ontario.

I had never experienced such provision in my life before. Not only did the money come in for the vehicle money came in to take care of many of the things we needed to be taken care of. When God provides a vision that vision starts a new season and new provision begins to manifest.

What was shocking to me was that 340 families from 14 nations gave into the RV project. Some people sowed $5.00 and others sowed much more but together they all helped us enter into the new season that God has in store for our lives.

I feel like this is going to start happening for many people. God has plans that can’t be stopped for your life. There are some of you that need buildings. Some of you need money for airfare or to rent vehicles to go to places for ministry. God is going to provide for you supernaturally. My whole life is not a prophetic statement of God’s ability to do the impossible. In the last five yars I have been to 37 nations and have ministered in so many places and it has all been by faith. God will do it. He did for me and he will do it for you.

Just continue to press into what he is saying for your life and before you know it you will be inspiring others to do what you are doing.

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