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We have all made them. We have all made decisions that have caused us hardship financially. Maybe you made a decision based on fear or anxiety which resulted in you owing thousands, if not millions to creditors.

In moments like that it can be easy to be hard on yourself. I remember making bad decisions myself, especially regarding vehicles. I bought two or three cars through the years that were lemons. I bought them because they were cheap, but they were really not cheap at all. One car I bought died 1.5 years after I bought it and I owed money on that car for almost four more years.

Another time I quit a really good job that provided a good income for my family. I remember living in regret of that for many years.

Decisions like this have consequences on our lives, and yet, God was aware that you were going to make that mistake before you made it. This kind of mistake is no worse than any other bad decision. God can set you free of the consequences of any bad decision This is my testimony.

Self forgiveness is very important. I have forgiven myself over and over for the things I did wrong when I was young. I make mistakes even now. When I do I ask the Lord to forgive me and then I forgive myself. Self love is important. You are just a person with limited understanding. We serve a God who cherishes us and helps us to overcome.

Starting today just practice listening to God more. Do no let fear or anxiety make your decisions. Do not make decisions quickly. Think things through. We can make mistakes when we rush into things. I have done that. I am thankful that God protects me from myself.

The Lord will bless your life despite yourself. It isn't about you. The blessing of God is about God. He blesses us even when we aren't always wise.

I pray for you today. I ask the Lord to help you to make better decisions with money. I also pray that you will not be too hard on yourself when you do. Jesus has overcome this world and so will you.

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