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A Release of Creative Miracles and Healing God is good.

A number of nights back I had a dream. In it I saw a man who had his toes removed by a surgical procedure because of complications that came from a disease. In the dream I said to the man, “I want to take a picture of your toes on my cell phone, because just afterward the toes are going to grow back in.” He allowed me to do it and then I looked away and then looked back. When I did all his toes were grown back in. The day after this dream I was ministering in a house church in Callahan, Florida with my friends Richard and Sharon Vickers. This was the last meeting of three nights of meetings. A woman who had not been in the earlier meetings was there that night. They described her as the lady filled with Holy Spirit joy. Her name was Brenda. Sometimes the way God speaks is very interesting. He showed me my grandmother who when she was young had a cancer in her bowels. She went to the doctors who cut her bowels out. Apparently the doctors did not consider the surgery effective and expected her to die at home. She had a bag on her side to collect the waste from her intestines. I found myself describing this story in the meeting. Brenda was taken back. She told me that I had just described to her what her husband has been going through. He too has had his bowels cut out and now has a bag on his side. He has not experienced healing yet, but they both understood that God was saying that her husband would be satisfied with a long healthy life. My grandmother had this disease in her 40’s and now is 94 years old. She got healed after listening to an Oral Roberts radio program in the 1960’s. She felt the Lord say to her as she was listening to “go up to the church and have the elders anoint you with oil according to the book of James.” When she did this she said she felt the healing virtue of the Holy Spirit enter into her as the elders of her Pentecostal church prayed. She is now 94 years old. My only living grandparent. She was also healed of a 30 year heart condition about 10 years ago. The lady was so excited because she knew the Lord was saying her husband would be healed. The pastor of that house church came to me two days later and gave me a gift from the woman. She gave me a bag of meat to fill up the freezer of our RV. There was so much I didn’t know how I was going to get it all in at first but thankfully it is now done. She and her husband own an organic hog farm. When Jesus was on the earth his ministry was marked by healing. Everywhere he went people were touched by the power of God. Lepers were healed. People who had blood diseases were healed. People who were blind and deaf were healed. He healed every kind of disease. Psalm 103:3 says, “He who forgives all your iniquities, and heals all your diseases.” Isaiah 53:5 says, “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, and by His stripes we are healed.” When we begin to get the revelation that Jesus is the healer we begin to learn that nothing is impossible for Him (Luke 1:37). He can do whatever He wants. Healing isn't just for the past. It is for the present and it is for the future. All those who enter into Christ can enter into healing. I declare over you today that nothing is impossible for God. Do you have cancer? Do you have a disease that the doctors told you, cannot be healed? The truth is, you can be healed. I was with a young man about 3 months ago who had a respiratory illness called COPD. The doctors told him that he would never be healed, They told him that it was incurable. He got healed of it, and now he doesn’t have to take medication. I met another lady in Florida who had damage to her neck from a number of car accidents. We prayed the trauma off of her from these accidents and she experienced healing in her neck. What God does for one person He will do for another. I don’t know what you need healing from today but my God is the healer. I will tell you one last testimony. Many year ago I met a man who was a Buddhist. He needed healing in his back and for 7 years had been in much pain. He started coming to our church and started to experience the Holy Spirit. One time he gave Buddha an option. He said to him, “If you are able to heal I want my back healed today, but if you do not heal it I will ask Jesus.” A few days later His back wasn’t healed so He asked Jesus and was healed immediately! That man became a man of the Holy Spirit who had great joy in His eyes. God can heal you to and He will. Just turn to Him today and ask Him to help you with your condition. Just pray a simple prayer. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can be just like that buddhist man and say, if you are God then heal me. Simple faith can move a great mountain. Blessings, Darren Canning

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